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Our Partner: Alex Goldstein

Our Partners

Alex Goldstein is an independent property consultant in Yorkshire and London. With over 22 years of experience, in some of the most desired areas of the UK – we are proud to partner with Alex Goldstein.

They offer a variety of property services, including negotiating and buying property, property selling services, and post-purchase care services. With trusted advice and a nationally recognised service, Alex Goldstein is available to provide a personable and communicative approach.

Abels Moving Services Collaboration with Alex Goldstein

With over 50 years’ experience, Abels has constructively collaborated with Alex Goldstein to expand on the premium services available to those moving house within the UK. With a combination of high-standard moving services, and the hand-crafted resources for your house move. Together, we are determined to provide you with a successful relocation within the UK.

Many of my clients need a bespoke approach to their house move and most importantly need care throughout the process. This is exactly why I recommend Abels, as they mirror the thoughtfulness and going the extra mile that I do in my business. I simply need to know that my clients are in safe hands.”

Alex Goldstein
Dream Home in London

A Guide to Finding Your Dream Home in London

If you are looking for the ideal process of ensuring you are receiving the best possible welcome to moving into London, the combination of expertise from Abels and Alex Goldstein is unprecedented. Buying and selling property can be a stress-inducing environment, Alex Goldstein located in Mayfair can provide the best support for finding your dream home. This will include reviewing the following topics: property value, property market insights, how to maximise the value of your property for resale, and how to proactively manage your house purchase.

Exceeding expectations are at the centre of our services, providing valuable insight to the relocation to your dream home. Ensuring you are fulfilled by providing ease of mind and clarity for your house move. Taking into consideration the priority focus of your house move being not only completely successfully but also with compassion and consideration to your bespoke requirements.

Your Next Steps

We want to provide you with the smoothest transition from your existing home to your dream home. Working together with Alex Goldstein, we can provide a seamless transition into your new home, providing bespoke and caring services to ensure you are in a settled environment.

Once you have found your dream location and home, now is the time to start creating a detailed plan for your move. When taking into consideration your move, its worth creating a list of objectives you want to achieve. For further guidance regarding your move within the UK, be sure to review our frequently asked questions or contact us directly.

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