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Currency Exchange with Abels

FX Transfer Services


Money-Saving Overseas Currency Transfers

Abels not only removes the stress and worry from moving your treasured possessions abroad but with the assistance of our currency partner, Corpay, we can help you do the same with your money.

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Speaking to a foreign exchange specialist can help you make smarter currency decisions, so you can maximise your overseas money transfers.

Speak to foreign currency expert

Making the most of your money

Abels’ trusted partner, Corpay, can help you lock-in an exchange rate for up to two years and make cost-effective regular transfers for pensions, salaries, and everything in between.

Corpay has one of the most experienced Dealing teams in the industry. They’ll help to guide you through the foreign exchange market, so you make informed currency decisions and can time your transfers at the best time for you.

Lock-in an exchange rate

If you’re buying a property overseas or want to protect your funds from adverse market movements, locking in an exchange rate can be a great idea. Using a Forward Contract to secure a rate means you’ll know exactly how much currency you’ll get for your money, no matter how the market moves.

Exchange rates fluctuate every day and can shift on political events, economic data, central bank developments, and other geopolitical factors. With Corpay, you can sign up for rate alerts and regular market news to help you make more informed currency decisions.

Speak to a Corpay currency specialist about how you can make a quick and secure transfer right away or lock in an exchange rate for up to two years.

Why use Corpay for your money-saving overseas currency transfers?

Award-winning technology

Take advantage of their award-winning online platform, or receive support directly from your dedicated dealer.

Platinum trusted

Carpay hold Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service Award, as voted for by their clients. 

Global reach

Their expertise and vast, efficient network of payments gateways allow them to process 3.8+ million payments yearly, representing $73.7 billion in FX.

Lock in a rate

Forward Contracts and Limit Orders can help you achieve rate certainty, helping you budget by locking in pricing up to two years in advance.

Arrange your FX transfers

If you’d like to speak to our trusted currency partner Corpay about making the most of your foreign exchange requirement, speak to a currency specialist today.