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Currency Exchange with Abels

FX Transfer Services

Have you considered currency exchange for your move?

We certainly have. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lumon, the ‘International property currency specialists.’ They have dedicated property savvy teams with over 20 years of experience helping our clients with quick, effortless, and secure currency exchange.

Were you aware that the exchange rate changes by as much as 52 times a minute? These movements can accumulate, significantly impacting our clients’ international budgets.

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Simply complete the below form and a member of Abels dedicated team at Lumon will get in contact, take some initial details, and schedule your consultation with your dedicated currency specialist.

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Why Lumon?

Unlike banks, we don’t believe in hidden charges or higher costs. We firmly believe that sending money globally should be one of the simplest tasks for you.

The benefits:

  • International Property Currency Specialists
  • Trusted by over 60,000 clients
  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • FCA authorised keeps clients funds secure
  • Dedicated Abels account managers
  • Staff across 7 countries
  • Exchanged on average 300 million a day
  • Helping customers for over 23 years
  • 4.9 Feefo score, ‘People led, technology enabled’.
  • No obligation currency consultation

Whether you’re navigating a substantial transaction and seek expert guidance or prefer the flexibility of sending smaller amounts on-the-go, we’re here to assist.

For those in the midst of purchasing property overseas, the savings from using Lumon could offset the entire cost of your removal fees. This means that, in addition to receiving a great service from Abels, you’ll then have potential savings with Lumon. It’s that straightforward.

Register for a free, no-obligation account today to receive a FREE currency consultation!

Arrange your FX transfers

If you’d like to speak to our trusted currency partner Lumon about making the most of your foreign exchange requirement, speak to a currency specialist today.