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Bespoke Moving Home Services


Moving Home Safely & Efficiently

We understand the pressures of moving home, relocating your belongings within the UK or abroad can be extremely daunting. This is why at Abels, we have created a successful structure for relocating your goods.

By providing a variety of bespoke moving services we are able to cater to all of your moving requirements. When working with Abels, you are given a dedicated moving specialist to ensure all concerns and considerations are taken into account when moving home. This can vary from the resources for packing items as well as reviewing how to move specific items.

Concierge and Move Management services

Moving Home Assistance

The circumstances of your home move could be tumultuous, leaving you exhausted just thinking about the process. From initial planning and dismantling items to coordinating moving teams and unpacking, it might seem never-ending. Whatever is worrying you, Abels is sure to have the right bespoke service for you. 

Taking over your move is not our objective – just want to ensure that the process runs smoothly with as little stress as possible.

We offer a breadth of options that you can choose from when moving home, meaning there’s no requirement for services you won’t need. These services can include:

  • Coordination of contractors
  • Pre-move planning
  • Practical moving support on moving day(s)
  • Photographic inventories
  • Settling-in services
  • Personal Moving Assistant

Coordination of Contractors

A seamless move takes an army – but it can feel impossible to keep track of it all. If the number of contractors involved in the move is too overwhelming, the Abels team are happy to coordinate their comings and goings on your behalf. 

Pre-Move Planning

The secret behind a seamless home move is meticulous planning. We always have a plan for your move, but we can go the extra mile if you require further assistance. Our friendly removal teams can complete a pre-move visit to both destinations, helping to pack, label furniture and boxes, and anticipating any problems that might arise on the day.

Practical Support For Moving Home

Throughout all of this, you can sit back and relax. Our skilled teams will do all the heavy lifting for you, and even the lighter lifting should you need it. On your moving day, we can even organise food preparation to keep you and your family energised, particularly if the process is extensive and covers several days.

Photographic Inventories

Keeping track of all your belongings during a move is difficult, to say the least. Knowing everything you started with has made it to your final destination is key, and that it all arrived safely in one piece is crucial for a smooth settling in. You can opt for photographic inventories, a great help for peace of mind and any insurance issues that might arise. 

Settling-In Services

A new house is not immediately a home. So at your earliest convenience, our teams are eager to assist in unpacking and organising your home to your exact tastes. Our services can even extend to organising food shopping for your new home so you can begin thriving as soon as possible.

Personal Moving Assistant

Throughout all of this, you will have a dedicated Personal Moving Assistant as your point of contact about any concerns. They will be able to update you on the progress of your move, keeping you in the loop while handling as much of the overseeing as you would like.

Why Choose Abels For Your House Moves?

Abels has helped hundreds of people just like you move home, with a reputation of excellence across the board. Our iconic blue moving vans have been hitting the road since 1958, moving families across the country and the globe. With our reputation and experience, certified through our countless industry accreditations, it’s hard to find a bespoke removal company that will work harder to curate a seamless and tailored move for you and your family.

With our very own Abels Training School, you can be sure that each and every member of our team working throughout your move is excellent at what they do. Each one is fully security-vetted, highly skilled, and always has a friendly face during what can be a high-stress time. Using the highest quality packing materials and state-of-the-art moving vehicles, every step in the moving process has been carefully designed to ease your mind.

See how our Personal Moving Assistant services can you help make your move easier or contact us for more details.

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