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Abels Video Survey in Home

Video Surveying – The Process and FAQs

Abels Video Survey

Video Surveying Process

Video Surveying is an option for many busy customers where time is of the essence and our field sales diaries are fully committed or a confirmation of volume of a smaller move where reassurance is required that the volume has been correctly estimated.

The video surveying process starts with a normal call with our office sales team. You will be sent a link to an APP that you will need to download onto your Android or iPhone (this can of course be simply removed from your phone post survey and is free of any charge). Just prior to the survey we will send you a reminder via text or email with a link to click onto and start the survey. You will be greeted in much the same way as a physical home visit, all be it through the means of a video chat. You will see our colleague from customer services on your screen and they will initially be able to see you so that questions and answers can be given verbally face to face. You will then be asked to turn the recording direction of your phone/tablet (which is a button on screen) and then take a tour of your property, showing all the nooks and crannies (including loft, cellar, shed, garage, eaves) where your possessions are stored, so that the number of cartons and volumes can be assessed accurately. Where you have specific item of sentimental or monetary value, challenging to dismantle and assemble, are more fragile than they appear; please identify these to the surveyor who will discuss with you how we will pack and protect these items. This will also be communicated in our documentation that comes with our quote which will go to our removal’s teams. Access at your property is also important, so we plan the correct vehicle and allow sufficient time and resource for loading, therefore a walk to the entrance will be requested. Following the call we will review the video survey, calculating the volume, planning and costing the move. A quote will be sent to you shortly following, normally within 24hours for a UK or European move and 48-72hrs for an International move where overseas partners costs need to be gathered.

We look forward to being of service.

Video Survey FAQs

Is my data secure?

Yes the security software and encryption used will keep your data and video secure using 256-bit AES and 2048-bit SSL certificates

What will I need to have a video survey?
  • A modern smart phone or tablet
  • WiFi / 4G / 5G connection, it’s possible with 3G but a little grainy (one or the other is best rather than jumping between them).
How will we connect?
  • Download the surveying APP that is for Android and iphones
  • You will be sent a text or email prior to the call, click on this link and we will connect.
What happens during the call?
  • Initially you will see our surveyor and they will see you via the phone camera, you can chat and discuss the move.
  • You will then be asked to rotate your camera
  • The surveyor will then ask you to slowly pan the room that you are in so that items can be assessed.
  • We will then tour your property.
Will you need to see in cupboards?

Yes it’s really important to see within all so that we can assess how full and what type of contents so we assess the number and type of cartons needed and time to be allowed to pack (you will understand packing 5 book cartons is much faster than for fine china.

What happens if we lose signal?

If your signal drops or fails e.g. when touring the access driveway to the property, viewing the garden / garage etc, no problem. You will simply record a video of these areas, we will send you a link where you can then attach your video(s) which then upload to our system for me to review.

What if not everything in the home is going?

As you tour, please point out items not to be taken.

What happens if I cannot show you ie the loft?
  • No problem, prior to the call, check what is in there and advise the surveyor verbally during the call.
  • If you or someone else can take a video or pictures of these areas prior or just post the survey, we can send you a link where you can attach your video for us to view and assess the items.
Should I let you know if I am worried about particular items?

Absolutely, it is vital that you highlight any item of specific high value, family history or sentimental value. Our surveyor can chat over the item and confirm how we will protect the item.

How Long Will the Survey Last?

This depends on how many questions you have and size of your property, for you to be assured that our service will meet your requirements. Allow approximately 30 minutes for a 4 bedroom home, garden, garage and loft.

When will I receive my quote?

For UK and European moves this is normally within 24 hours. International moves will take a little longer whilst freight and destination quotes are obtained, normally within 48-72 hours.

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