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Abels Senior Driver Receives IRU Diploma d’honneur, medal and pin

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Bob Sanders from Abels Receives IRU Diploma

Abels Senior Driver Bob Sanders receives IRU Diploma from Ian Studd

At Saturday’s LGV driver CPC training a surprise visitor arrived to meet the team during their morning session. Ian Studd, Director General of the BAR and a past Abels driver in the 1980’s made a presentation to our senior driver Bob Sanders. Ian was very proud to present Bob with the IRU Diploma d’honneur, medal and pin. This is something that the International Road Transport Union award annually to commercial vehicle drivers globally.

The IRU organisation represents the entire road transport industry worldwide, promoting the highest professional standards, to improve the safety record and environmental performance of all road transport companies. The 2016 diploma that Bob has received has been issued to circa 1100 drivers in 25 countries, but Bob is the only British driver to receive the award, he is unique in this country.

To gain this recognition we were required (without Bob’s knowledge) to evidence his loyalty to Abels, we thought 40 years met this criteria. He needed to have driven over 1 million kms in the last 20 years of continuous driving and performed his driving duties for the last 15 years without causing any accident that resulted in injury. Furthermore he could not have committed any serious traffic violation nor broken any customs or administration regulation in the past 5 years. The diplomas are awarded to drivers with outstanding professionalism whose example encourages young drivers to develop their own skills and helps improve the public image of the commercial driving profession as they continue to improve their safety record.

I think it would be an understatement to say it was a big surprise to Bob to receive this recognition and from Ian who covered the background of the award and Bob’s own contribution to Abels. Bob follows in the footsteps of 4 other Abels senior drivers namely; Kevin Baker. Tony Frior, Graham Ling and Duncan Perry. In 2010 they were also the only British drivers to receive this honour again proving we are not only unique in removals but the transport industry as a whole. Congratulations to all the team its been a great achievement which we are only too pleased to recognise and support.

Bob Sanders from Abels Receives IRU Diploma

Ian Studd, Director General of the BAR, hands Bob Sanders, Senior Abels Driver his IRU Diploma