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Considering Moving To Norway?

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Moving Abroad to Norway

When comparing Norway to the UK, Norway covers an area of around 125,004 square miles, making its size one and a third times the area of the UK.

Norway is known as a very desirable country to move to within Europe or internationally from other global locations. With a population of around 4.9 million people, this means that Norway has a population of around 39 people per square mile compared to over 666 per square mile for the UK.

Oslo is the capital city of Norway, with a vast array of industries reside – offering employment opportunities for multiple career paths.

The city of Oslo is the home of the Nobel Peace Center. The Nobel Peace Center opened in 2005 and is located in the former Oslo Vestbanestasjon (Oslo West railway station) building which dates back to 1872. For those moving to Norway, they will find there are 19 administrative regions in the country.

Our priority is to provide you a stress-free move abroad, relieving the pressures of relocating to Europe. Our team of professionals have been helping clients move abroad for over 50 years. We can provide a variety of useful tips ahead of your move abroad to Norway, discover our Frequently Asked Questions.

bird-eye shot of the view of the geirangerfjord norway

Planning Your Move To Norway

When planning your move to Norway, we advise that you speak to a specialist international removal company – not your local domestic mover! – to help navigate any potential pitfalls.

To speak with an advisor, call or email today and our expert staff will be in contact with you shortly to help.

When contacting our team directly, you will be given the resources to make a formal enquiry with a precise overview of the regulations we undertake to make sure your moving process to Norway is smooth sailing. This includes an overview of the approach we will take to complete a thorough, premium, end-to-end moving service.

When enquiring about moving from the UK to Norway, please provide us with the following: the volume, access, packing requirements and shipping method – so that we can provide the best reliable resources unique to your relocation.

After you book with Abels, you will be introduced to a Customer Liaison Move Coordinator, booking, organizing and managing matters when moving to Norway.

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Let Abels plan and coordinate your move to Norway or anywhere else in the world.

Packing Your Possessions For Norway

Packing for your international move is extremely important, ensuring that all goods are packed to a high standard to meet exporting regulations for Norway.

As your movers, we will strive to provide you with a comprehensive plan for exporting your goods to your property in Norway. Typically, this will be completed by large removal vehicles. However, specialist vehicles and modes of transport can play a pivotal role in your international move. Ahead of your move, we will present you with the plan of action to ensure you are happy with the route and set expectations.

There may be occasions when items can require more extensive packing service for more valuable and delicate items. These items will be identified when discussing with your Customer Service Manager, we are renowned for moving antiques, fine art, and valuable items.

It is the Abels team’s responsibility to ensure that the proper precautions are taken into consideration ahead of your move to Norway. This includes using high-quality materials and making you aware of how furniture and goods need to be packaged.

As part of your move to Norway, we will assist with any packing and wrapping for your belongings. If you would like to complete your own packing of items, notify your moving specialist who will provide you with additional resources regarding meeting exporting and importing regulations for Norway.


Fine Art & Specialist Packing Services

Moving Fine Art needs great care and will involve Enhanced Export Packing when shipping to Norway. Items such as Fine Art Paintings and valuable pieces of furniture along with delicate items such as moving a Grand Father Clock, packing and shipping Barometers, and transporting chandeliers all need careful handling while being packed in a specific way. The use of special cases built especially for these items needs to be utilized to give the highest level of protection. Find out more information about Moving Antiques, Fine Art, and Valuables.

The Abels team is specially trained in moving objects abroad to Norway, taking care and precision when handling specialist goods. With years of expertise, we have a plethora of Moving Advice to relieve stress and provide reassurance.

Road Removal Services

Abels has a modern fleet of removal vehicles which are designed to be safe to transport items such as furniture, personal possessions and motor vehicles. Each vehicle is fully alarmed, with flat cleanable internal sides double skinned to avoid furniture damage and restrict temperature changes. The vehicles have Air-Ride soft suspension to ensure items are not jostled in transit, while being sympathetic to the environment. Each is fitted with mobile communications and facilities for our drivers and porters comfort.

Abels maintains a variety of sized vehicles within our removal fleet to suit the purposes of the moves we undertake depending on access challenges, volumes to be moved and distance to travel. Vehicles range from our road trains (which have a rigid truck at the front pulling a similar sized trailer) and can carry up to a maximum volume capacity of 103 cubic metres / 3600 cubic feet, articulated truck and trailers, a variety of sized rigid pantechnicons, right through to small packing vehicles designed mainly for transporting our removal team and their materials.

Therefore Abels are ideally suited and can provide efficient moving services into all parts of Europe, including Norway.

Customs Information

The import of your personal items and household goods into Norway are subject to import and export rules and regulations. 

Your Abels Move Manager will provide you with tailored information to guide you through this part of the relocation process.

For now, here is a little breakdown of what to expect to help you start planning your move abroad.  

For your items to clear customs, you will need to provide some specific documentation. Our friendly team will discuss these requirements with you ahead of your move, the documents required at customs will depend on your status and personal situation. 

Explore the FIDI Customs Guide for Norway, for further guidance ahead of your move consultation with a trusted member of the Abels team.

Immigration and passport control at the airport woman border control officer puts a stamp in passport

Enjoy a stress-free move abroad

Get in touch with our removal experts to see how we can help with your move today.

Norway Destination Services

With items moved by Abels Moving Services to Norway, Abels will take care of all aspects of the destination services with our own removal teams on our vehicles.

For the majority of deliveries we use one of our large removal vehicles. In situations were it is necessary to deliver items in Norway by using a smaller delivery vehicle, Abels will make arrangements to transport the items by road in a normal removal delivery vehicle and then tranship to a smaller appropriate vehicle locally in Norway.

Another consideration for delivery is the number of properties located on higher floors needing careful planning for delivery of your items. This can often be in conjunction with the concierge who will confirm the access possibility to the elevator and times approved for access. Some properties may only permit delivery utilising an external elevator.

An Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme operated by the British Association of Removers provides protection for prepayments made by our private customers (consumers) in the unlikely circumstance of Abels ceasing to trade and fulfilling a contract which has been paid for. This used to be provided by IMMI.

Normal service for delivery into Norway includes delivery into rooms of your choosing, unpacking of carton items to a flat surface, set up of normal furniture removal and placement into positions as instructed, disposal of waste packaging materials. Should you prefer, arrangements can be made for a put away service of carton items / maid cleaning / relocation or settling in services – should you have specific requirements, please discuss with your Abels Customer Service Manager or Abels Customer Liaison.

Abels professional experience and local knowledge helps you by handling and advising of all aspects associated with the delivery of your possessions for you when moving to Norway. Abels Moving Services endeavours to ensure your arrival at your new home overseas is smooth and trouble-free, to allow you to settle in as swiftly as possible.

high angle shot of a lot of buildings on the seashore near high mountains in norway

Abels professional experience and local knowledge helps you by handling and advising of all aspects associated with the delivery of your possessions for you when moving to Norway. Abels Moving Services endeavours to ensure your arrival at your new home overseas is smooth and trouble-free, to allow you to settle in as swiftly as possible.

Above all, we want you to think of Abels for your next move and the one after that, we don’t simply wish to buy your current move at the risk of losing your future business, goodwill and recommendations!

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