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Shipping to Durban – delays due to port congestion due to poor weather

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Customers shipping to Durban including Johannesburg and moving to South Africa – are to expect delays due to heavy port congestion at Durban.

We have been advised by FIDI agents in South Africa that due to very poor weather container vessels heading into Durban port are being delayed.

Durban Port has for many years been an extremely busy terminal with container vessels sitting awaiting berthing slots a few miles outside the harbour in the Indian Ocean.

Due to the poor weather some vessels are also running late, which again adds to delays and planning challenges to have vessels unloaded.

Exports out of Durban are also being effected by the same such reasons.

As Durban services many inland terminals, most notably Johannesburg but also containers transiting to Harare, Zimbabwe – shipments to these locations will also be effected and customers should expect delays.

If you are moving to Durban or moving to Johannesburg and should you wish to discuss your consignment, please call your Abels customer liaison container.

Alternatively please call +44 1842 816600 or email