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Moving to Brisbane – access road updates to the port increase costs

When shipping to Brisbane and increased cost will be levied on all containers moving through the port.  For customers moving to Brisbane this cost will be added and included in your quotations from Abels Moving Services.

We have received the below update from partners in Brisbane;

Please note we have been advised by the Brisbane Port Authority that due to pending road works required to facilitate the upgrade of the Port Motorway, they will be introducing a levy to recover maintenance and capital costs when shipping .

This will be via a “Port Access Charge”, PAC, and will be introduced from July 1, 2011.

It is expected this charge, will be approximately AUD $ 8 per twenty foot equivalent (so AUD$ 16 per 40ft container), for both import and export shipments and we will have no alternative other than adding this cost to our port service charges, from this date.

Please note the following excerpts from the Brisbane Port Authority’s notice, detailing information about the road upgrade and associated costs.

You may have heard the announcement by Minister Craig Wallace on 17 February 2011, during which he confirmed that the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) has entered into an AUD $385M contract to upgrade Stage (1) and (2) of the Port Motorway – and create a dual carriageway all the way from the Gateway to the start of Port Drive.

As advised to the Government, the Port is not in a position to absorb the related maintenance and capital costs. Accordingly, we envisage introducing a Port Access Charge (‘PAC’) as of 1 July 2011. The PAC is a commodity based charge that will be levied per unit of cargo, which is imported or exported over Fisherman Island wharves, and invoiced to our shipping customers.

Should you be moving to Brisbane and wish to discuss this charge or any other aspect of your relocation, please call or email your move coordinator or use the head office main number +44 1842 816600  or email