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Considering a Move to Australia?

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Moving to Australia

Australia is one of Abels’ main overseas destinations. Moving to Australia will involve personal effects and household goods being shipped to the country either by air or by sea. To ensure your relocation overseas is smooth sailing, we have provided guidance on what to expect and prepare for when moving abroad.

About Australia

Australia is located between the East Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. Countries surrounding Australia include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor to the north; the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Vanuatu to the north-east; with New Zealand to the south-east. It is important to understand that the location and tropical climate, can be susceptible to cyclones.

Those moving to Australia will find it is the sixth-largest country by area in the world covering 2.9 million square miles and is around 31 times the area of the UK. With a population of 22.6 million people, Australia has a very low population density of 7.79 people per square mile. However, population densities are very much higher in locations such as Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, which have a much more acceptable climate, and where most people who are moving to Australia tend to relocate.

The key exports of Australia are ores and metals, wool, food and live animals, fuels, transport machinery and equipment and provide many opportunities for those moving to Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef off the northern coast is the largest coral reef in the world and for those moving to Australia is a definite place to visit.

At Abels, we understand that moving abroad can cause an overwhelming amount of stress. We have a plethora of knowledge surrounding moving internationally, which is why we encourage you to contact one of our international moving specialists today. Discover why Abels has a long-standing history here.


Planning Your Move

When considering moving to Australia it is important to speak with a specialist international removal company that provides reassurance about the services you require for moving abroad to Australia. At Abels, we want you to feel confident about your overseas removal process, providing you with a selection of reputable resources to help your dincision your move to Australia.

What are the crucial steps you need to take for moving overseas?

To speak to an advisor call or email us today to receive more information, specific to your requirements.

When contacting our team directly, you will be given the resources to make a formal enquiry with a precise overview of the regulations we undertake to make sure your moving process is smooth. This includes an overview of the approach we will take to complete a thorough, premium, end-to-end moving service.

After you book with Abels you will be introduced to a Customer Liaison Move Coordinator, booking, organising and managing matters when moving to Australia.

Talk to our experts

Let Abels plan and coordinate your move to Australia or anywhere else in the world.

Export Packing

Abels Moving Services advises that Export Packing is a fundamental requirement for all your items and possessions when moving to Australia. As we have Expert Packing Services, we can provide you with bespoke guidance for exporting goods to Australia.

Export Packing is a way of protecting items when in transit. It utilises either a 6 ply paper blanket that has a wax inner and a water-resistant outer or tough bubble blanket that has a soft cloth inner and robust outer to ensure corners are not exposed. Certain items will need to be card covered, put into a carton or an additional layer of the above wrap to add extra protection for items such as polished furniture, antiques, delicate legs, mirror and glass-fronted units.

The level of protection that is needed when moving items for example by road is less stringent but for moving your items travelling thousands of miles in either 20ft Containers or 40ft Containers on their sea journey to Australia then they will need additional Export Packing protection. Please remember that the goods will be “handled” many times including wrapping, loading the container, road journey to the port, container hoist removes and stacks, container hoist moves from the stack to the loading area near the vessel, loading the vessel crane gantry, sea journey and then the same in reverse. So the protection is paramount in ensuring the contents longevity.

With Abels Moving Services the highest quality export materials are utilised. (ensure you do not use materials that are designed to stay within the UK, the contents of the container will be stacked up to 2 metres and you want the carton at the bottom to stay in shape throughout its journey and protect its contents.


Fine Art & Specialist Packing Services

Moving Fine Art needs great care and will involve Enhanced Export Packing when shipping to Australia. Items such as Fine Art Paintings and valuable pieces of furniture along with delicate items such as moving a Grand Father Clock, packing and shipping Barometers, and transporting chandeliers all need careful handling while being packed in a specific way. The use of special cases built especially for these items needs to be utilised to give the highest level of protection. Find out more information about Moving Antiques, Fine Art, and Valuables.

Not only is the Export Packing of these items important, but also how they are dismantled prior to shipping to Australia. Grand Father Clocks will need their main components taken apart ensuring clearly the weights have been removed prior to casing the clock. Moving a barometer also need specialist packing services and careful handling to avoid any problem with the filled mercury, ensuring the tube is bunged to avoid spillage.

Training is key to ensuring all packing teams are fully versed in the correct handling and packing techniques.


In Australia there are 8 main International Airports, these include Sydney Airport (SYD), Melbourne Airport (MEL), Brisbane Airport (BNE), Perth Airport (PER), Adelaide (ADL), Gold Coast Airport (OOL), Cairns Airport (CNS) and Darwin Airport (DRW).

The International Airport of Sydney also is know as the Kingsford Smith Airport and handles in excess of 471 Thousand Tonnes of cargo per year.

With sea transit times for shipping your possessions from the UK to Australia taking in the order of 11 to 13 weeks, you may consider to send some of your consignment by Airfreight. Items for Airfreight will need to be Professionally Packed (due to security restrictions not permitting owner packed cartons) and are then loaded into heat treated modules of various sizes and then waterproof covered for added protection against the elements.

Please allow 2 weeks transit door to door for airfreight to allow for UK and Australian Security and Customs assessments before delivery is permitted to your new home.

See More information about airfreight shipments.

Enjoy a stress-free move abroad

Get in touch with our removal experts to see how we can help with your move today.

Customs Information

The import of your personal items and household goods into Australia are subject to import and export rules and regulations. 

Your Abels Move Manager will provide you with tailored information to guide you through this part of the relocation process.

For now, here is a little breakdown of what to expect to help you start planning your move abroad.  

For your items to clear customs, you will need to provide some specific documentation. Our friendly team will discuss these requirements with you ahead of your move, the documents required at customs will depend on your status and personal situation. 

Explore the FIDI Customs Guide for Australia, for further guidance ahead of your move consultation with a trusted member of the Abels team.

Immigration and passport control at the airport woman border control officer puts a stamp in passport

Shipping Services

Larger volumes and full house moves will be shipped within a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. If access permits we always try and load the container outside your residence. This allows you to see our removal team’s skill and care of loading and stowing safely and the sealing of the container with our uniquely numbered container bolt seals. Where access is not suitable for this size of the vehicle, goods may be loaded via Abels warehouse ( you are of course welcome to come and witness the loading ) or in a location close to your property utilising a small shuttle truck to ferry between your home and the container.

Shipping lines will offer some companies low-cost freight yet there is a big risk to the quality of container that arrives and the transit time it then takes. Abels buys our containers through an organisation that negotiates for a supply of A1 class containers that are without fractures to the outer case, dry, clean, odour free containers on our behalf that have an almost guaranteed transit time.

If goods stay within a container that has an odour this will remain on the goods when delivered, fractures in the outer will gain water ingress.

Smaller volumes can be shipped as LCL (less than container load). Your possessions will be taken to Abels warehouse for loading into heat treated wooden crates ready for shipping.

Transit times to Various Ports in Australia from the UK, ie from port to port is normally between approximately 49 to 56 days on the water. Vessels depart the UK weekly to ports such as Adelaide, Bell Bay, Brisbane, Devonport, Fremantle (Perth), Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. You should allow approximately 11 to 13 weeks door to door from your property in the UK to your property in Australia (times depend on delays due to weather, strikes, re-routing containers, vessel malfunction, customs inspections – however this guide is normally reasonably accurate).

Read more on these methods about shipping options when moving abroad.

Destination Services

Abels select our partners from those with the highest quality accreditations. These will normally hold the FIDI-faim quality award to ensure that the standards enjoyed with Abels Moving Services is continued to perform the Customs Clearance and Delivery Service. It’s too late to find that the agents selected are not of the highest standard, so we ensure we use the best on your behalf.

Our destination partners will be advised of your shipment shortly following the departure of the container from the UK. They will make contact with you near to when the container is due to arrive in Australia so that they can perform the Customs clearance process on your behalf.

Following Customs clearance our partners will contact you to arrange the delivery date of your possessions. Normal service includes delivery, unpacking, set up of normal furniture (not Ikea kit furniture unless agreed) removal and disposal of waste packaging materials and return of the shipping container to wharf. Should you prefer, arrangements can be made for a put away service / maid cleaning / relocation or settling in services – should you have specific requirements, please discuss with your Abels Customs Service Manager or Customs Liaison.

Our destination agent will have the professional experience and local knowledge to handle all the details of import documents, customs clearance and delivery of your possessions for you in Australia Abels Moving Services endeavours to ensure your arrival at your new home overseas is smooth and trouble-free, to allow you to settle in as swiftly as possible.


At Abels, we have a dedicated team that will ensure your move abroad is stress-free! Make An Enquiry today regarding your move to Australia.

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