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Considering a Move to Auckland?

The Auckland Central Business District is the financial economic capital of New Zealand. It provides great job opportunities for those moving to Auckland. Most of the city businesses have their offices near the lower Queen Street and the Viaduct Basin areas of the city.

Auckland has the highest city population in New Zealand. It has a city population of 1,397,300. Auckland is not the countries capital city which is actually Wellington.

The city of Auckland is located on North Island and is often known as the city of sails. There are over 135,000 yachts and launches based locally. The Viaduct Basin in the years of 2000 and 2003 hosted the America’s Cup yachting event. It is a great location for sailing enthusiasts who are moving to New Zealand.

Places to visit when moving to Auckland include the Auckland Art Gallery and the Voyager National Maritime Museum. Other places to visit include the Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland Zoo and the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium.

Abels can assist you when relocating and moving to Auckland. We have been providing professional packing and international removal services for over 50 years.

Abels Moving Services advises that Export Packing will be required for all your items when moving to Auckland. Export Packing is a way of protecting items when in transit. We use two options either a 6 ply paper blanket or tough bubble blanket. The 6 ply paper blanket has a wax inner and a water resistant outer. The tough bubble blanket has a soft cloth inner and robust outer.

Certain items may need to be card covered. Others may be put into a carton or given a layer of the above wrap to add extra protection. Items clearly needing packing include polished furniture, antiques, delicate legs, mirror and glass fronted units. When moving your items in 20ft or 40ft Containers by sea to Auckland the items will need Export Packing protection.

Goods are often “handled” many times on route to Auckland. These include when wrapping, loading the container, road journey to the port, container hoist removes and stacks, container hoist moves from the stack to the loading area near the vessel, loading the vessel crane gantry, sea journey and then the same in reverse. So the protection of the contents is important when moving to Auckland.

Abels Moving Services holds a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen. We also provide the same level of service to all our customers.

Call Abels on 01842-816600 about your move to Auckland. We can also help you move to other cities in New Zealand.

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