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Worldwide Vehicle Transportation


Specialist Vehicle Transportation

Abels offer a start-to-finish specialist vehicle handling service, from an initial job analysis and risk assessment to the final placement of the vehicle in the desired venue or destination. This includes vehicles delivered domestically or internationally with varied storage options available, if required.

At Abels, we have been providing secure storage and removal services since 1958. Our reputation for consistent excellence is something that we have achieved through years of meticulous planning, faultless care and superior customer service. 

Whether you’re looking for short or long-term storage, we can provide a specialist, bespoke solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Car loaded to container

Bespoke vehicle transportation services:

We have fully trained operational crews, methods and the correct equipment to transit vehicles via restricted access points and can arrange the relocation of vehicles not deemed as road worthy / non-starters.

Abels can offer dedicated covered vehicle moves to accommodate our client’s exact requirements. This includes, but not limited to Classic, Historic, Super Cars, High performance & Prestigious vehicles.

Experienced drivers:

  • Abels experienced and trained drivers will ensure the greatest of care is taken when loading and unloading your vehicle.
  • Our purpose-built removal vehicles are fitted with winching facilities.  This ensures our team can relocate vehicles without even starting the engine, should this be required.
  • We can also carry jump packs and other equipment if requested for cars that can be temperamental with starting and running.

Covered Car Transport

  • Classic & prestige
  • Race, Event & Show Cars
  • Road cars / Domestic & International / Door to Door European
  • Full shipping preparation / documentation
  • Vehicle detailing / valeting.

Preparing your Vehicle for Transportation

When transporting your vehicle there are several steps you should take. Some of the most important steps to consider are:

  • Wash your car.  Our driver will perform a condition report and check for damages and take photo’s at this time, the car should be clean.  If it is not clean the driver will mark this on the report and scratches/chips will be considered as there at the time of collection and be rejected from any potential insurance claim.  
  • Take multiple photos of the outside of the vehicle from all angles.  Check for any damages / scratches and take photos of these.  Do this in good light, prior to the drivers arrival to save time when he is pointing them out on his report.
  • Clean the inside.  Remove personal possessions / loose items that could move during transit.   This also avoids the concern that an item has been taken when it wasn’t in the car in the first place.
  • Take many photos of the inside of the vehicles condition, checking for scuffs and scratches.
  • Turn the engine on and take a photo (with a date/time function on) of the odometer.  We would never take your car for a drive without your knowledge (i.e. for servicing etc) but this photo will give you peace of mind.
  • The vehicle should be in sound mechanical order.  If this is not the case, notify the transport company as they will require specialist equipment to move an inoperable vehicle.
  • Check tire pressures as under/over inflated could cause damages during loading and transportation.  They should be at normal road pressures.
  • Check for any leaks as oil when loading could be dangerous.  Some drivers may refuse to move the vehicle if the leak is severe.   
  • Fuel should be up to a ¼ full, its only need to drive the car on/off the transporter.    
  • Switch off alarms to avoid them triggering during movement.
  • Ensure insurance is still in place.  Some transport companies will offer transit insurance as an option.
  • Have keys to hand for all compartments (older cars may have separate keys).  You keep the spare set.
  • If shipping overseas, some countries require a more thorough clean including the underside.

To speak to our team about any questions you may have, simply get in touch on 0800 626 769.

Transportation for your motors

From classic motors to contemporary sports cars, our professionals are experienced in handlng and transporting them all.