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How we move chandeliers

How we move chandeliers

Abels Moving Services are regularly confronted by customers needing to move a chandelier. A challenge that is often daunting for many companies, this comes as a day’s work for Abels’ teams of moving professionals who can arrange from local chandelier transportation to  shipping a chandelier around the world.

All our team members undergo practical training in chandelier handling by moving a medium sized one, specially purchased for this purpose by Abels. This allows them to perfect their technique before they ever encounter a customer’s chandelier. On chandelier moves a Senior Driver is always deployed who has many years’ experience and has seen many such moves before.

Packing – small / medium chandeliers
The small / medium chandelier is first removed from its fixing restraint and electrical connections.

The chandelier is then placed in a purpose-built wooden case and fixed to the cross baton, and the case back-filled with polystyrene balls/chippings to protect the chandelier during transit.  The lid will be secured to ensure nothing can come into contact with the chandelier during the journey, whether around the corner or across the world!


Packing – larger chandeliers
Larger chandeliers often need to be dismantled as they will not fit through doorways safely in one piece.  Our crews are trained to label and number each part that is removed.  Chains, beads and droplets are wrapped in acid free tissue and then their position marked on the outer packaging.  The arms are tissue wrapped and removed as required.  All items are then packed, often with polystyrene chippings for added protection.

Delivery service and connection
At the delivery of a small / medium sized chandelier the polystyrene balls/chippings surrounding it are removed first to avoid any possible damage.  Larger examples will be unwrapped and re-built, then re-hung and connected by our trained electrician.

Chandelier Cleaning service
Many customers ask that cleaning and restoration is undertaken at the time of moving, as this might as well be done while the chandelier is down.  We take the chandelier apart to clean it, avoiding using solvents that could cause untold damage or leave a film to attract dust.  This can be carried out at a customer’s home or carried out in our workshops.

Chandelier Storage
Abels has purpose built storage facilities, away from high crime locations, that have state-of-the-art Redcare linked alarm systems and monitored by CCTV.  Chandeliers remain in their cases that are loaded at the time of packing, marked with your name, reference number and destination.

If you require more information about this specialised service please contact our team.