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New Advice on Gaining Access to Your Property on Moving Day by 1pm

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and daunting task. As the completion day approaches, if you want to have access to your new property by 1pm and ensure a seamless transition, here are some important steps to follow within the two weeks leading up to the big day.

Check Your Property Information and Prepare

Before moving day, it’s important to review your property information, fixtures, and fittings form. This document will outline what items you should take with you and what you have agreed to leave behind. By familiarising yourself with this information, you can avoid any last-minute confusions or disputes.
Additionally, if you require a mortgage, make sure your legal company withdraws the funds 24 to 48 hours prior to completion day. It’s crucial to be aware of the associated interest payments, so you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Remember, legal companies typically need to order mortgage monies five days in advance, so plan accordingly.

Coordinate with Your Legal Company

Your legal company plays a vital role in facilitating a smooth transition. Ensure they take the following steps:

  1. Order Final Redemption Figures: If you have an existing mortgage, your legal company should order the final redemption figures. This step ensures that any outstanding balances are settled on completion day.
  2. Secure an Official Search: To secure priority over the property’s title, your legal company should perform an official search. This search confirms that there are no outstanding issues or encumbrances on the property.
  3. Prepare a Legal Statement: At least one day before completion, your legal company should prepare a legal statement. This statement summarises the key legal details and confirms the readiness for completion.
  4. Confirm Moving File Sign-off: On the day before completion, ask your legal company to confirm that your moving file has been signed off by a partner. This ensures that all necessary paperwork has been reviewed and approved. By coordinating with your legal company, you can ensure that all legal aspects are handled efficiently, reducing potential delays on moving day.

Be Ready to Vacate by 1pm

To meet your goal of accessing your new property by 1pm, it’s crucial to be physically ready to vacate your current property by that time. Communicate this deadline with your chosen removal company and ensure they are prepared to accommodate your schedule.

Moving to Another Property?

If you’re moving to another property, it’s important to confirm that the previous owners have followed the same steps mentioned above. This includes ordering redemption figures, performing an official search, and preparing a legal statement. It’s advisable to obtain written confirmation from the owners that they will vacate the property by 1pm.

For more detailed information on the legal processes involved in the home buying and selling journey, you can refer to the Home Buying and Selling Group website. Their comprehensive resources will provide further guidance on navigating the legal aspects of the process.

In conclusion, gaining access to your new property by 1pm on moving day requires careful planning and coordination. By following the steps outlined above, checking your property information, coordinating with your legal company, and being ready to vacate on time, you can ensure a seamless transition to your new home. Remember, proper preparation is key to a successful move.

For a smooth and successful home move, download the BAR ‘Avoid the Headache’ Guide to include new information, which has been approved and adopted by the HBSG, on the steps that they can take to help ensure that completion day can happen without unnecessary delay.

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