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FIDI, FAIM? What do they mean?


FIDI is the Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (International Federation of International Movers). Established in 1950, FIDI is the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies.

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, FIDI’s mission and vision is to provide high quality, value adding services to its affiliates, and to offer customers a portal to an alliance of quality international movers. To date, the FIDI alliance includes over 500 international removal companies, all accredited by the FIDI Accredited International Mover standard (FAIM).



Accreditation for the prestigious FAIM international quality standard for removals is the second reference, and is recognised as the premier quality mark worldwide for international removals.

Every firm with FAIM accreditation has to go through a biannual reassessment process, which is comprehensive and very detailed. CapGemini, based in Belgium, undertake an independent audit that involves both desk-top research and personal assessment. Client feedback is reviewed and procedures are checked to ensure they meet clients’ needs and demands. These must be demonstrated to operate in a practical manner and within guidelines for necessary response times. In addition, the audit involves the following:

  • Financial audited accounts to assess the stability of the company
  • Insurance claims register for past two years
  • Personnel register, training records and staff turnover levels for work undertaken
  • Asset register with copies of all permits and licences and servicing records to provide evidence that the company has sufficient capability
  • Copy of the company quality manual approved by BSi
  • Copies of all documents used to ensure they meet strict criteria and suitability as specified by FIDI
  • Warehouse and Office facilities visited to ensure they are safe and secure to meet both Health & Safety criteria and industry standards
  • Review of all packing materials used and how environmental policy operates
  • Systems and computer programs checked for suitability

Firms that have FIDI memberships and FAIM accreditation provides customers with reassurance that they are in very safe hands.

FIDI Accredited International Mover


Abels have successfully raised the standard level yet further with their approval by FIDI FAIM.  This gives Abels customers the greatest of assurances that their move will be handled correctly and professionally.  The audit process is much tougher and more stringent that Faim level.  As of January 2010 there were only 12 members in the whole of the UK holding this standard.

Please go to the respective websites to find out more information about FIDI and FAIM