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US Customs – Confidentiality Request Form – Missing

It has been brought to our attention by our American partners office that the on-line Confidentiality Request Form has been removed from the U.S. Customs site. Until it is restored, customers will need to complete the previous letter format and send via mail to U.S. Customs.

So why complete the Confidentiality Request Form;

For those customers entering and exiting the United States, their name and address was aggregated by a company called Import Genius who provided access to this information for its subscribers via the Internet, and the company continues doing this still today. Some of our customers have reported to us that the information about their shipment is available from a basic internet search of their name. Therefore, we provided a form letter for our customers to use to request their name be removed from any published listing.

It is important to note that this customer shipping information has never been released by Abels Moving Services.  United States Customs is the party that provides the information contained on the manifests of ships entering and exiting the United States daily to various commercial magazines and trade journals. These companies are then authorized to publish the information, unless the customer requests confidentiality.

For this reason Abels Moving Services is providing a specific Confidentiality Request Form to all its customers to complete to ensure your details are not listed and appearing on websites with information for general perusal.

To discuss this further please call the Abels office on +44 1842 816600 or email and Jayne Eastick who coordinates all shipments into America will be happy to assist.

The Confidentiality Request Form are already in the Abels American Customs Packs for your completion.