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Thailand Ports Flooding – Update for Customer Moving to Thailand

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Flooding update on the situation in Thailand

From our shipping partners CMA-CGM we receive the following advice for customers moving to Thailand.

Thailand continues to suffer its worst ever flood crisis as massive floodwater from the central region continues invading into Bangkok –capital city. 13 out of total 50 districts of Bangkok have been adversely affected by flooding.

Thailand’s export performance is reportedly suffering a drop of at least 30% as seven major industrial estates located in Ayudhaya and Patumthani provinces north of Bangkok have been inundated for 4 weeks which forced more than 1200 export-related factories to cease production and close down. Automotive and Electronic industries have been widely impacted due to the severe shortage of components and parts as suppliers’ factories have been severely flooded.

Port situation update:

BANGKOK PORT is dry and unlikely to get affected by flooding as the peak high tide period was over and river water level is slowly receding. Bangkok PAT has notified the trade that all discharging operations resumed as from November 2nd. CMA CGM Thailand confirms that all loading and discharging operations are back to normal with multi-weekly direct connections to and from Port Kelang, Tanjung Pelepas and Hong Kong.

LAEMCHABANG PORT located 120 km south-east of Bangkok is not and will not be affected by flood. It has been in full operations as usual.

LATKRABANG ICD located 30 km east of Bangkok city, is still dry but it is now vulnerable to flooding during the next few days as run-off water is passing through that area. CMA CGM continues to recommend its customers to avoid using this ICD.

For customers moving to Thailand, wanting to ship to Bangkok, please call your Customer Liaison on their direct line, email or use the head office number +44 (0)1842 816600 or email