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Shipping to Sydney & Shipping to Melbourne – Port Congestion delays container movement

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All shipping lines are reporting heavy congestion in the ports of Sydney & Melbourne.

This will effect customers moving to Sydney and those moving to Melbourne in the same manner. The exact expected duration of this is as yet unknown.

Some liners have informed that their intention is to alternate their vessels into each port, calling not on a weekly basis but fortnightly for the foreseeable future until the volumes decrease.

Freight increases are being experienced due to congestion levies added by some shipping companies. Read more here.

Sydney Port
Sydney Port facing continued congestion

This congestion has been exacerbated by a crane break down in Sydney.

Abels will be watching the situation carefully and keeping customers informed accordingly. Where possible containers will be put into alternative ports, however given distances and the fact that main volumes are to these 2 prime cities this will not always be a solution.

Should customers be concerned or wish to receive further explanation on the above – please call your Customer Liaison or use the head office number to be put through on +44 (0) 1842 816600 or by emailing