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Customs Officers Strike in Brazil

Abels have recently been advised by our agents in Brazil, that customs officers have started a series of strikes in Brazil The strike is about promised wage increases.

Brazilian customs officers had a national strike on Thursday the 14th July. The customs officer’s union confirmed that they will stop their services completely every Tuesday and Thursday until further notice.

The Sindifisco union of federal tax auditors, who are in charge of customs and other tax monitoring duties, voted for the strike to pressure the government to honour its promise to raise their wages by 5.5 percent starting in August, union President Claaudio Damasceno said in an interview.

This strike will impact port and airport operations all over Brazil for inbound and outbound household goods and shipments. The Rio 2016 Olympic games which are scheduled to start on the 5th August, these also could be effected by the customs officers strike.

The planning ministry said in a statement that it was still reviewing wage agreements inked by suspended President Dilma Rousseff earlier this month.

It is estimated the strike is likely to cause considerable loss of tax revenues for the cash-strapped government in Brazil.

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