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Abels Helps The Hamlet Centre Charity Move Home

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The Abels Team & The Hamlet Centre Managers Outside the New Centre
The Abels Team & The Hamlet Centre Managers Outside the New Centre

It all started with hopeful email from Carole on the 9th February to our head office that was picked up by Neil Pertoldi the International General Manager.

Abels historical roots being based in Norfolk, having served families moving from and to East Anglia for generations we jumped at the chance to again give something back to the community.

After delays due to building works over running slightly the move actually went ahead in the middle of the peak summer season when the removal teams are totally flat out moving discerning customers domestically in the UK, throughout Europe and relocations Internationally both from the UK Overseas and Importing back to the UK.

This called for drastic action and a call to arms to the office teams who responded fantastically. This meant a “back to the shopfloor” oportunity for many of the team, some of which had not been in a full operative service for over 10 years! This included John Watson the UK Moving Divisons MD and Neil Pertoldi the International General Manager – right through to junior Administration Assistants.

On the 20th August – Phase 1 commenced of items listed as none essential. A smaller team of Abels office personnel including operational managers (who are all past drivers) who undertook the driving and loading of the vehicles and movement from Ella Road Norwich to its new, purpose designed and built home at Vauxhall Street Norwich

On the 3rd September the main move was undertaken with a larger contingent of different Abels office personnel and Operations Managers
to complete the relocation of all remaining equipment.

We are happy to advise that the move went without a hitch, the Abels team working closely with the Hamlet Centre Charity staff and volunteers from the RAF who also heard the plea for help from the Hamlet Centre.

Hamlet Centre

The grand opening of the Hamlet Centre is on the 9th November at 2.15pm.

EDP Press Release on The Hamlet Centre move – click on the below URL or copy and paste into your browser.