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Marine Insurance in a Changing World

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Reading the magazine – Logistics Insight I came across the attached article that discusses the current world situation for shipping.

We have all seen the televised and written media regarding the stricken vessels. Very recently the container vessel Rena that was widely reported leaking oil and containers falling into the Bay of Plenty – New Zealand. Closer to home in the UK we will recall the cargo from vessels being washed up on the south coast beaches earlier this year and last year.

With vessels getting larger and larger the risks are all more apparent given the typhoos, hurricanes, freak waves, iceburgs, collisions with other vessels, pirate attacks, low water risk (see ) The Emma Maersk and her sister ships, which have set a record of carrying over 15,000 TEUs (twenty foor equivalent units – 20ft containers)

Largest Container Vessel - Emma Maersk
Largest Container Vessel – Emma Maersk

Its so important to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover. Failure to spend the necessary time in valuing your possessions accurately could have monumental repercusions for the claim – should the worst happen.

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