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Moving to Hong Kong – Strike in Hong Kong Causes Delays

Customers moving to Hong Kong are advised of the following update to the port when shipping to Hong Kong;

A strike by dockers at the Hong Kong International Terminal (HIT) is impacting operations in Hong Kong.

At present the strike is ongoing without a definite end in sight. Owing to the strike, the Hong Kong International Terminal (HIT) is encountering berthing congestion combined with low terminal productivity and is now also affecting other terminals in Hong Kong.

There is likely to be adjustments made by shipping lines, and this may impact the estimated time of arrival of some shipments.

Update as at 29th April 2013The Hong Kong port strike continues and is going into its 5th week, however, there are some new developments to report.

Port authority and Chinese billionaire, Li Ka-shing, is now hiring staff in place of some of the protesting workers to handle the backlog of containers/ships at the port facility. The impact of this effort has brought about additional protests from the dock workers. There is still no resolution to the workers’ agreement.

This Hong Kong strike continues to delay shipments and is causing shipping lines to divert from the Hong Kong port into neighboring ports, such as Shenzhen’s port facility in order to maintain schedules.

An additional Impact this strike is having on the industry is not only workers pay and unionization at the port of Hong Kong, but to the ship and vessel operations, feeder operations and vessel share agreements (VSA) between carriers.

The situation in Hong Kong is being closely monitored.

Abels customers moving to Hong Kong are asked to contact their Abels customer liaison for current information or call our head office on 01842 816600 or email