Moving to Dubai

Here at Abels, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to moving to Dubai. Our dedicated team are committed to making your moving experience enjoyable and we can ensure your move is hassle free. Dubai is one of our most popular destinations and we have helped hundreds of people when moving to Dubai from UK.

Moving to Dubai Made Simple

More and more people are moving to Dubai to enjoy the quality of life, year round sunshine and exciting opportunities that can be found there. This destination is perfect for sun worshippers. We offer a variety of removal services for customers who are moving to Dubai from the UK and can help you with every step of the moving process.

As a leading removals specialist, we are dedicated to providing customers with a full range of services to support you fully every step of the way. Our dedicated team pack your belongings, transport them and unload your belongings on arrival.

This quality of service is the foundation of all our services – managed throughout by an experienced and qualified Customer Service Manager who comes to your house and assesses the possessions that need removing and transporting. The Customer Service Manager then assesses how best to protect your belongings using the correct materials for the moving days, determines access needs to your property and personally discusses all aspects of your move to give utter reassurance of the removals process.  Our export packing teams then undertake a professional packing service, carefully load and stow your possessions safely for transport.  Once in Dubai or back from Dubai, our partners work alongside customs clearance to ensure that your container is quickly cleared,  and once delivered to your new home, our team unpack your belongings and remove waste packaging materials. Talk to a member of our team today regarding your specific requirements.

Moving to Dubai? Get in Touch Today

Here at Abels, we are experts when it comes to moving to Dubai. We are able to transport your belongings to Dubai from UK or any other destination across the globe. Dubai blends the modern with ancient history and tradition making it the ideal destination for people of all ages. Recognised for luxurious shopping outlets and some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events moving to Dubai has never been more tempting.

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