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Moving with Children

Moving house with Children

Help and advice on how to move house with kids!

Moving house is generally an exciting time for children with the opportunity of a new bedroom, a new garden to explore, and new places to hang out. But there can also be moments when your child feels a little anxious about the “Big Move”. This is OK! 

Over our many years of experience in moving families, and with most of our staff being parents themselves, we know what many families are going through when they move and have found the following moving advice to be very useful:

Choose the right removals company

Choosing an accredited home removals company, such as ourselves, can immediately ease many of your children’s concerns about moving. From the pre-move survey, we are more than happy to involve your children and answer any questions they have about the moving process. On moving day, they will be introduced to the removals team and see their items being packed with the care and attention they deserve – they can even help if they want to!


Prepare your kids for the move

Children of various ages will have different concerns about moving, for some it will be as simple as wondering where their toys will go, whilst for teenagers, it can be more about when they are going to see their friends next. It can really help to talk about the move and let your children feel as though they have been part of the process. Take your children to see their new home, and visit the neighbourhood that you are moving to, so they can familiarise themselves with it.

If you are moving further afield, and a change of school is also required, make sure you arrange a date for old friends to come and visit once you are settled so your children can keep in touch.

Have a fun “goodbye” party so that your children can create memories and happily say goodbye to a few friends at the same time – and don’t forget that many children are able to keep in touch via social media, facetime or whilst gaming, so it’s never quite goodbye!

Read to your children about moving

There are lots of good books for younger children to help teach them about the moving process, including Usborne Books, First Experiences Moving House or The Moving Book – A Kids’ Survival Guide. Picture books are a great way to help little ones understand that they are moving and to help them talk about it.

Involve your children in the move

Giving your child their own moving box to pack with essential items is a great way to get them involved, plus it makes sure that all their favourite cuddly toys, books, or iPad (including charging cables) are easily accessible. 

Make sure this box is named and placed to one side on moving day.

Let your kids be interior designers!

Many older children will find it fun to redecorate their new room, so give them some leeway to plan this. Encourage them to put a Pinterest board together with ideas for their new room and give them budget to buy some new accessories.

On moving day

Treating your children, especially younger ones, to some new pyjamas, or bed linen can help make the first night in their new home feel more special. Whilst older children will be keener to get the wi-fi up and running than unpacking – so make sure you have that as a priority to setup! 

Following these suggestions should help make the whole process of moving with your children easier, and a more enjoyable experience for all.

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