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Beijing, China – Immigration Amendment

We have been recently notified that in Beijing China the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Municipal Council will require additional document for Invitation Letter applications as of 17/01/2011:

They will now require:
– Itinerary in Beijing
– A labour contract or agreement, or any document to certify the reason for the visit to Beijing
– Application letter
– Qualification letter (issued by the hiring company overseas and signed by HR manager or senior level staff member)
– Safety guarantee letter

For single-entry (Z) visa Invitation Letter applications, the following additional documents are required:

– Safety guarantee letter
– If the application applies for the Z visa at a Chinese embassy in a third country (except Hong Kong), a document such as a residence permit in the third country is required to prove the applicant is a legal resident there.
– For a dependent or spouse, a marriage certificate copy is require for the application, birth certificate copies are required for the children’s applications. The documents will be required to be translated into Chinese.

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