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Abels is one of 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

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Article written by Philip Pertoldi:

1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

When this very thick 21 x 27cm book of 148 pages, with the above title, landed on my desk my initial reaction was why has the London Stock Exchange Group sent me this and are they asking for advertising or have we some how placed an advert.

Imagine my surprise to read the accompanying letter from the CEO saying how delighted he was to congratulate Abels for being included in this inaugural publication of 1000 most inspiring small and medium sized companies in the UK. There is also a web site at about the publication.

Sure enough on page 111 we are listed and shown as being in the transportation sector. It states the list was compiled by leading software business, Growth Intelligence, who track the performance and activity of millions of businesses in real time. What’s more there are no other moving or relocation companies in the directory. Abels stands alone to gain this honour in our industry sector.

To be selected for the directory requires companies to not only show a positive growth in revenue over the last four years, but also an increase in employee numbers, workspace expansion and contract wins. There are over 100 business sectors; from architecture and automotive, to venture capital and wine, from every region in the UK.

The goal of the London Stock Exchange Group with their media partners The Telegraph is to highlight to as wide an audience as possible the importance of SME’s to the future of the UK economy. Research indicates it is almost exclusively these companies that have generated new, net job creation in the UK since the financial crisis.

We are extremely pleased to be recognised for our hard work in this report. As we are advised “whilst the UK is not yet back to full fighting economic strength, your company and the other 999, are proof of all that the UK has to offer. On behalf of the London Stock Exchange Group thank you for inspiring us”.

Take a pat on the back Abels!