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The New Abels Website Goes Live

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Abels commissioned What Online and Blue Sky Creative to redesign the main Abels website.

The brief was to be sympathetic to the Abels brand but improve and update the style and usability of the website. The traditional style and feel which Abels Moving Services represents has been retained but an up to date design has been implemented. The use of modern web technologies means an improved user experience with sliding masthead messages, popup welcome videos, and improved navigation. The site also connects to popular social networks; Facebook and Twitter which allows Abels to engage with their customers on a new leval. The homepage now showcases regular news and blog posts which will keep subscribers up to date with company and industry news.

Mobile website

Plus a new mobile version of the website allows customers to view the site whilst they are away from their computers. This is especially handy whilst customers are viewing a potential new home and want to enquire about removal costs. We hope you like the new design and functionality and if you have any feedback, good or bad, please let us know as we’d love to hear about your user experience.