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Sustainability and Environmental Policies

At Abels, we have an extensive fleet of purpose built moving vehicles, used to provide moving services across the UK, Europe, and other international locations. We aim to provide a stress-free moving service, whilst also making tactical changes to provide a more sustainable approach.

To reduce our environmental impact, we have developed our premium services with the following implementations.


Reducing Plastic Waste

When relocating you to a new property, we avoid using harmful materials that are not sustainable to the moving process, such as plastic and polystyrene. Instead, we use bespoke carboard boxes and reusable sleeves to safely package your belongings, reducing our plastic consumption. Find out more about our Expert Packing Services.

Encouraging Charity Donations

We have been moving and relocating clients since 1958, so we understand that the majority of your possessions are irreplaceable and sentimental. However, for certain pre-loved items that no longer serve purpose, we encourage donating these to reputable charities. Our team at Abels will happily deliver donations to your chosen charity without a charge. We are eager to help and contribute to our community.


Energy Consumption

We thoroughly monitor our energy consumption, to identify opportunities to reduce waste. Within our storage facilities and offices, we have implemented lighting upgrades which work efficiently to minimise wastage. Discover our state-of-the-art storage facilities for commercial and residential moves.

Vehicle Upgrades

We have focused on improving our carbon footprint by ensuring that our sales team vehicles, as well as company cars, are energy efficient. With an EV fleet, we can internally manage our environmental footprint whilst still proving a high-end moving service. Alongside this, our HGV fleet has green hydrogen technologies for carbon particulate, carbon gas and nitrogen oxide reduction output.

We love exploring different areas of the world, with bespoke relocation services that cater towards our clients’ requests. Our Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) fleet is controlled by safe driving management software that ensures crucial planning, dispatching, and commuting is to a high standard during any fleet operation. Consequently, this guarantees that your possessions are delivered with the upmost care.

Abels Electric vehicle charging
ISO 14001 Certified Company

ISO Accreditation

As part of our sustainability and environmental awareness policies, Abels has been granted the ISO 14001 certification. This certificate is representative of the strategic changes we have made to our premium moving services. ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental management system – reinstating the importance of sustainable and environmental changes.

Abels are proud of taking care of your possessions whilst also knowing the importance of making a house a home. We instil this further by simultaneously taking care of the environment.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability and environmental impact. To keep up to date with upcoming events or news from Abels Moving Services, we regularly post on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.