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Shipping to Tunis Tunisia – Port Congestion Advice

Shipping to Tunis in Tunisia – Port Congestion Advice

For customers planning on shipping to Tunis – the main port for Tunisia, we have been made aware by our shipping lines of Port Congestion Surcharges that have been made effective from the 25th August 2011

Kindly note that the situation at Tunis port is deteriorating steadily by the day.

There are, today, 17 container vessels at anchorage in TUNIS. The Container Yard is heavily congested & Operations are being carried out very slowly.

One shipping line has reported their Average Port stay reaching 17 days and they do not foresee any sign of improvement in the coming days. Some vessels’ port stays are already beyond this level.

Please understand that where these delays are experienced, shipping lines are levying demurrage (container rental) charges upon the consignees whose goods occupy the container.

Should you be considering go ahead with your shipment to Tunisia please call and discuss the move with your Abels Customer Liaison or call +1842 816600 / email