Packing Services

For generations, Abels Moving Services has been providing a trustworthy packing service for our clients. Our team has a wealth of experience in packing and moving a range of items, from fine art and paintings to other items of value. We know that each and every client’s needs are unique, and as a result, over the years we’ve packed and moved multi-million-pound paintings between museums, an oversized work of art to a gallery and a wine collection to France. Whatever your house packing removal needs may be, our expert team can help.

The benefits of professional packing services with Abels
Our clients benefit from our packing services by leaving everything to us. This means that we take care of everything for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your move. Our team will work hard to ensure each and every one of your belongings is packed how it should be, with the materials and boxes that are most suitable for each item. When you leave the work to our house removal packing services team, you can rest assured that everything will arrive in your new home in perfect condition.

Our approach to packing services

The specialist packing team at Abels Moving Services takes handling your precious belongings very seriously. This is reinforced by the fact that each and every one of our movers and packers is qualified through training at our own school so that they are versed and packing and moving a huge variety of objects and furniture. In addition, they are also security-cleared so you can be at peace knowing that your items are being handled by trustworthy professionals.

We ensure that each item we pack and move is undertaken with a bespoke approach. No two items are alike, so you won’t find our team packing them in standard boxes with standard materials. From the highest quality of moving paper and bubble wrap, to study boxes and secure tape, we don’t compromise when it comes to choosing packing materials to transport your objects.

How we pack your items

  • Grandfather clocks – Our process for packing and moving grandfather clocks includes an initial inspection for damage, before preparing the weights, removing the hood and pendulum as well as workings and case. All are carefully separated and packed to prevent damage or dislodging during the moving process. Find out more about our in-depth process for moving grandfather clocks.
  • Chandeliers – We have a slightly different process for taking down, packing and transporting small and medium chandeliers versus large chandeliers. This is because many large chandeliers will need to be dismantled in order to fit through doorways in order to be moved. Regardless of the size of your chandelier, it will be handled with care, labelled appropriately and then expertly placed and packed in a custom-made crate to ensure that it remains secure throughout transport. Find out more about how we move chandeliers.
  • Paintings- Before we handle or pack your fine art, we will first carry out a survey of your item or collection to ensure that come packing day, we have the right packing materials and process available. The survey will include a risk assessment of each item so that we can plan how to pack and move them. Learn more about our careful process for moving paintings and fine art.
  • Pianos – Pianos are beautiful items that for many are their most prized possession. They’re also notorious for being difficult to move. However, for our expert packing services team who are specially trained to move pianos, it’s just another day at the office. We have a tried and true process for packing and transporting pianos, which starts with assessment and ends with your piano being delivered to your new destination soundly. Learn more about how we pack and move pianos.

If you’re ready to enlist our expert packing services, get in touch with our team today. Request a callback and we’ll be only too happy to get back to you and discuss your packing needs.