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Photos of New 2016 Built Abels Removal Vehicles

During 2016 two new Abels Removal Vehicles were constructed for use within the Abels Fleet.

The first of the 2016 vehicles, can be seen in the photographs below ready for use by Abel Crews though the busy summer period.

Construction of our new trucks took place over a 3 month period. You can see further photographs of our new trucks being build in another post. It shows the truck build from basic chassis through to being ready for use on removal collections and deliveries for Abels.

See the first of the two vehicle built for 2016 in its final coat of paint with the Abels Logos.

Abels-2016- New-Truck-06

Abels-2016- New-Truck-03

Abels-2016- New-Truck-04

Abels-2016- New-Truck-05