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Moving to USA – West Coast Port Congestion – Anchored Vessels

For customers planning on moving to the USA, Abels Moving Services have been made aware of continued shipping delays via West Coast Ports. The congestion has been ongoing for several months.

For background information please see a previous article on the Abels website written back in November 2014

A further update was provided in an updated article on the Abels website written back in January 2015

Photos that showed the difference at a West Coast port showing before congestion and the current high level of congestion at ports was shown in an article written back in February 2015

The Photo below shows Vessels Anchored just off a West Coast Port:

Moving to USA

The above photo shows up to 30 vessels that are anchored just off one of the West Coast ports. It is estimated that the number of vessels anchored has now reduced from 36 down to 30 vessels. It will be several weeks before the need for vessels to anchor outside the ports is eliminated but the number of anchored vessels is reducing.

For customers moving to the USA please call your Abels customer liaison on their direct line or call head office on +44(0)1842 816600 or email