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New Customs Procedures For Customers Moving To Trinidad and Tobago

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Moving To Trinidad and Tobago

We have received advise from our FIDI-faim accredited partners in Trinidad and Tobago of amendments our customers moving to the islands should be made aware.

Map of Trinidad and Tobago

In its quest for modernisation via new technology, as of 12th March, 2012 the Customs & Excise Division of Trinidad and Tobago have fully launched its new automated system ASYCUDA World, this means all goods entering or leaving the country will be processed electronically.

As a result we now require all clients to provide to an itemized list with individual cost per item for customs in Trinidad & Tobago.  Abels Moving Services will then email this signed document to our partners prior to the arrival of the shipment.

You will also need to sign a Customs Declaration which will be provided electronically to you by our partners inTrinidad and Tobago, this must be returned to them and they will then clear with the list of values for Customs.

Trinidad and Tobago Waterfront Coco Reef Resort
Trinidad and Tobago Waterfront Coco Reef Resort

Customers are warned against making false declarations, if your shipment consists of new items, that is, items in your possession for less than one year or items in your possession but not used for more than a year.

Please note these new requirements in no way changes the customs clearance procedures or regulations now in place. Please review all current documentation as sent to you with our removal proposal.

Feel free to contact us for further information if you are moving to Trinidad and Tobago or shipping items to Trinidad and Tobago and discuss with your personal customer liaison  or send questions to  or call our head office number +44 1842 816600