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Moving to North America – Impact of Winter Weather

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For customers planning on moving to North America, Abels Moving Services have been updated by our agents about a number of winter weather impacts affecting North America.

Please be advised that extreme winter weather in January has had a negative impact on cargo movement in the United States due to recent significant events.

New York and New Jersey Terminals

These locations have been exceptionally impacted by consecutive winter storm activity during January. The terminals have been closed twice this month. While the terminals have added extended hours, both inland and port operations have been negatively impacted by winter weather. Rail cargo delay averages six days from vessel discharge. Ships berthing have also been delayed up to four days. As a result of adverse operations, chassis availability has been negatively impacted. All U.S. East Coast terminals have been impacted to some degree as a result of winter weather.

Los Angeles Basin

Due to severe weather in the Midwest and East Coast, rail movement was delayed in arriving to the West Coast. Additionally, a Jan. 21 derailment blocked the Union Pacific mainline, resulting in rail car shortages for inland movement of Los Angeles discharge cargo.

Vancouver Rail Car Shortages

Extreme cold in Canada has reduced train size capabilities for cargo movement. As a result, a significant number of containers have discharged at the Port of Vancouver and are awaiting inland movement. The Canadian National Railroad has advised that it will take three to four weeks to return to normal rail car flow.

For customers moving to North America please call your Abels customer liaison on their direct line or call head office on +44(0)1842 816600 or email