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Moving to Malaysia – Immigration Update

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Malaysia Immigration Updates

When considering relocating to Malaysia please be aware of recent amendments to the criteria of documentation which needs to be planned before moving to Malaysia.

Employment Pass (EP)

Due to the increase of fraudulent cases at the Malaysian Immigration Department (MYID), there has been a new checklist issued for all EP applications effective from the middle of March 2011. The additional supporting documents include:

1.       Tenancy Agreement / Sales & Purchase Agreement

2.       Telephone bill for official landline for company

3.       Receipt of the purchase of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) report

4.       Letter of Undertaking – additional two (2) copies for EP Stage 2 (DP11)

Please note that these changes were implemented over a very short span of time and it is possible that more changes may come in the future as the MYID attempts to reduce and stop fraud.

Residence Pass (RP)

This is a new pass introduced by the government effective 1 April 2011 with the objective to entice highly skilled professionals to remain in Malaysia. The current RP category available would be for existing Employment Pass (EP) holders for selected industries who would like to convert their pass to the RP.

The benefits of an RP would include:

a.       RP approvals are granted on a 5 + 5 years basis

b.       RP main holder can change employer without having to transfer the EP

c.       RP main holder’s spouse will also qualify to be an RP holder with equivalent benefits, i.e. can work

d.       Children below 18 years of age will qualify to have an RP

Among the requirements for the RP (main applicant) would include:

a.       Minimum of five (5) years working experience

b.       Minimum of three (3) years working experience in Malaysia – consecutive

c.       Minimum annual gross salary of RM144,000

d.       Must have a local (Malaysian) sponsor

Please contact us for more information if your current expatriates would like to explore this option.

Immigration Audits

There have been a few immigration audits carried out over the past week in different locations of Peninsular Malaysia that we were made aware of. These audits may / may not occur with prior notification. The MYID officers can scrutinize all foreign employees / assignees on site and have the right to request HR for documents for verification purposes. As such, please ensure that all foreign professionals in the company have the correct permit on site / at client’s site, whichever applicable at all times to avoid any violation of the Immigration Act 1959/63, Immigration Regulations 1963 and/or Employment (Restrictions) Act 1968.

Shipping possessions Malaysia can be arranged by speaking to your Abels Customer Liaison on their direct line or using the head office number +44 1842 816600  or  or by completing the online enquiry form through our website

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