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Moving to India – Summer Monsoons Expected in June

For customers planning on moving to India, Abels Moving Services have been updated by our agents on planning ahead for the expected Summer Monsoons that are expected in June.

The summer monsoons are predicted in India during the first week of June, resulting in an overwhelming 85 percent of the areas annual rainfall to occur. In pre-monsoon readiness, when shipping items and moving to India, it is advisable to prepare carefully in particular when LCL shipments are considered, ensure any damages are kept to a minimum.

In the past, LCL shipments destined for the New Dehli terminal have been received in wet conditions or have water marks on the goods. Typically, freight forwarders remove the LCL shipments from inbound containers at the Nhava Sheva port and group them into another container destined to New Dehli. Damage may occur during this time since Nhava Sheva is an open area, allowing freight to be exposed to the climate conditions.

Preventing water and mold damage to customers’ goods is important as this keeps customers happy and reduces the likelihood of water damage claims. Using good practices in sealing and waterproofing crated goods and loading procedures for both containerized and crated cargo is key to avoiding this sort of damage. Use of desiccant materials also adds a level of defence against any mold.

To avoid potential damage, liftvan’s should be lined with a plastic material and ensure all seams in the crates are caulked to prevent water entry. The use of desiccant poles to absorb humidity adds one more level of defence.

For customers moving to India please call your Abels customer liaison on their direct line or call head office on +44(0)1842 816600 or email