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Moving to India – Monsoon Season Precautions

For customers planning on moving to India, Abels Moving Services have been updated by our agents to remind our customers of the effects of the Summer Monsoons.

The wet monsoon season in India is expected to last to the end of September or early October.

During this period it is advisable to take necessary precautions to ensure that shipments that arrive in India are adequately packed. This means it is important to shrink wrap all packages and line any lift vans with plastic to avoid any damage caused by the rain.

There are occasions when the shipments that are unloaded or placed at port bonded premises / warehouses could be exposed to rain, where these warehouses are not under the control of our agents in India. Our agents do not manage the port operations, where items will need protection from the summer monsoons.

While our agents carry out destination services in India they will where ever possible protect your shipment from getting wet and damaged.

Abels have a separate additional post from last year about the Summer Monsoons in India entitled

For customers moving to India please call your Abels customer liaison on their direct line or call head office on +44(0)1842 816600 or email