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Moving to Holt, Norfolk

When considering moving to Holt, moving from Holt, or moving Within Holt, it is important to consult with a professional removal company.

As with many Norfolk towns, the name Holt can be traced back to a Saxon ancestry, with the word probably deriving from the Saxon word for wood. A clearing and a crossing place for roads on the wooded high ground of the Cromer-Holt ridge was a natural place for a settlement to grow up.

Holt gains a mention in King William’s Domesday Book of 1086. It had its own market and its own port – Cley is listed as being the port of Holt. With five water mills and twelve plough teams it can been seen as a busy settlement. Originally held by Walter Giffard, the manor passed to Hugh, Earl of Chester, who in turn left it to the De Vaux family. With a well-established market and annual fair days on April 25th and November 25th, Holt grew as the local centre of trade.

There are a few glimpses of the town in the medieval period, with De Vuaux’s bailiffs being recorded as being less than honest with the townsfolk – stealing goods from stallholders, and holding some of their animals to ransom. The plague of 1348 had a devastating effect in the Holt deanery – 23 priests are recorded as dying during this period, and there must have been many more of their parishioners besides. At the time of the Peasants revolt, later in the 14th century, local leader Geoffrey Litster preached unrest in Holt market place. In 1588 the threat of invasion from the Spanish Armada led to the fortification and garrisoning of nearby Weybourne, which must have led to much activity in Holt.

There is evidence of a church in Holt for over 1000 years. Associated with the work of the church in Holt was the Guild of St Mary the Virgin. Such guilds provided relief for the poor of the parish until the guilds were suppressed in the time of Henry VIII.

Holt became victim to a devastating fire in 1708. The fire destroyed most of the town within a space of three hours. The church was badly damaged – its thatched chancel burned, lead melted from the windows and the flames spread up the steeple. Total damage was over £11,000, a massive figure for the time. Help flowed in from the towns around. The fire changed the focus of the town; the new centre arose around the open market place rather than around the church where the houses once clustered.

Moving into the 18th century, the written record for the town grows stronger. The diaries of Mary Hardy of Letheringsett cover the last two decades of the century, and record the occasion when 500 people dined in the market place on plum pudding and boiled beef, to celebrate the king’s recovery from illness. In this period there was again expectation of invasion, this time from France, and local volunteers were raised across the district to defend the coastline. Mary Hardy records the parades of the local men.

By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne, Holt was a town of 1700 people. Gresham’s school, founded in 1562, had long made it an important local centre for education. Agriculture and the school were the two principal businesses of the town in Victorian times. The established church had been joined by congregations of Wesleyan Methodists, Primitive Methodists and the Society of Friends. The town was well served by coaches serving local and distant destinations, through to London.

Today Holt remains a thriving centre of local trade. Agriculture plays a significantly lesser role than in earlier centuries – particularly since the formal closing of the market in 1960. However, Holt has built itself a reputation for many specialist shops with a good range of quality products, and the character of the market place, its features and its buildings have been cared for carefully.

Planning Your Move

As a first stage when planning moving to Holt, moving from Holt or moving within Holt , it is important to speak with a professional removal company. Before calling, consider what it is you want from your mover. Would you like your items packed for you with our packing service, and are there items that will need to be dismantle. Are you clear about what is staying or being disposed of prior to the move? These are just a few areas you will need to give thought.

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Furniture Storage in Holt

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Local moves

Abels Moving Services also offer our comprehensive range of moving services when you are moving within Holt.

Moving from Holt Overseas

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Moving from Holt to Europe

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