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Moving to China – Information for China Customs

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For customers planning on moving to China, Abels Moving Services have been provided with updated information from our agents in connection with advise in connection with information provided to China Customs for Household Goods Shipments.

Chinese Customs authorities continue to concentrate on inspecting household goods shipments entering the Peoples Republic of China. For many years, the Chinese Customs and Quarantine Department have strengthened customs laws on the importation of personal effects. Recent communications have confirmed renewed efforts to verify contents for inbound personal effects by subjecting the shipments to customs and quarantine inspection.

Any inaccurate descriptions on packing lists will cause additional intensive inspection, extra import duties, demurrage charges and potential penalties. Descriptions that will not be accepted by China Customs and Quarantine Department includes terms, miscellaneous items, pack by owner (PBO), and kitchen items. Other unacceptable descriptions include bathroom articles, closet contents, wood, plastic container and contents, or any other unclear descriptions that do not provide detailed description of items being shipped.

Vague, inaccurate description of shipment contents or discovery of restricted or prohibited items will create further intensive inspections including, additional cost of the inspection, demurrage charges and increasing delays.

For customers moving to China please call your Abels customer liaison on their direct line or call head office on +44(0)1842 816600 or email