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Rough guide to Edinburgh

Moving to Edinburgh

Whether moving to Edinburgh from within the UK or from abroad, Abels Moving Services can help make it as smooth as possible. Moving to Edinburgh from within the UK or from Europe will usually be by road. The method used if moving from further overseas depends upon preference and/or the original location, and could be by air or by sea. Abels has produced some guidance on the different methods to help you select the right mode for your move.


Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, within the United Kingdom. Scotland is a historic land of many difference facets. With its UNESCO World Heritage status granted to the new and old towns of Edinburgh, it is easy to see why many are drawn to move to this beautiful city. The quaint appearance of many of the city’s architectural features belies the suffering which inspired and went into the development of the place. The famous underground town of “The Vaults” built under houses in the centre was originally intended for merchant storage but soon expanded to accommodate a slum housing district during the surge in residence of the industrial revolution. These areas of the town now operate as a tourist attraction: both a fascinating insight into the past of the city and a prime location for wannabe ghostbusters who visit the area in search of its rumoured spooks! Nowadays, the Edinburgh population of around half a million people and is renowned for its celebrations, rather than miseries.

When moving to Edinburgh, be sure to move to Scotland in time for the infamous annual New Year’s Eve celebrations at Hogmanay which involve a mass street party, culminating in spectacular fireworks. The world’s largest performing arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, sees the city streets thronged once more come August, as comedians and all manner of other acts cram into every available performing space to the delights of crowds of tourists and Edinburgh residents alike. A move to Edinburgh, despite its reputation for cool weather, is sure to warm your spirits!