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Moving to Birmingham

Rough guide to Birmingham

Moving to Birmingham

Whether moving to Birmingham from within the UK or from further afield, Abels Moving Services can ensure your move is as smooth as possible. Moving to Birmingham from within the UK or from Europe is usually done by road. The method used if moving from abroad depends upon your preference and the original location.   Abels has produced some guidance on the different methods to help you select the right mode for your move, and that could be by air or by sea.


Birmingham is the UK’s second city with a population of some one million – only London is larger. It is also the 72nd largest city in the world. Located in the West Midlands, the city has a long history. It was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, and often referred to as ‘the workshop of the world’ and ‘the city of a thousand trades’.

Birmingham is well-known for chocolate manufacturer, Cadburys, other sweet manufacturers, Trebor, Bassett and Bournville,and where two of the UK’s largest banks, Lloyds and Midland (now HSBC) were founded. The city is also home to Jaguar cars, the National Exhibition Centre, and Birmingham City and Aston Villa football clubs.

Famous people from Birmingham include former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, author JRR Tolkien, comedians Tony Hanclock and Jasper Carrott and actors, Trevor Eve and Martin Shaw.

Inventions in Birmingham include the steam engine, radiography, gas lighting and custard powder.