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Moving to Switzerland
Whether you are moving to Switzerland with English, German, French and Italian as your first language you are guaranteed a warm welcome in this scenic, multilingual country.  Another, less well-known language called Romansch is also spoken in the south of the country. Moving to Switzerland is said to be one of the best ways to improve your language skills in these areas, especially for school-age children.

When moving to Switzerland, your belongings would generally be brought to this land-locked country by land or by air. Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations which Abels deals with, so experienced Abels staff will be on hand to ease your journey. Which choice is right for your move to Switzerland may be decided on our guidance pages.

Although perhaps overshadowed by the ‘foodie’ reputation of their French neighbours the Swiss are also renowned for their cuisine with plentiful top-ranking restaurants throughout the country.  Your new home in Switzerland should be a culinary haven whether or not you are a fan of the ubiquitous fondue!

Because of its mixture of altitudes, Switzerland climate varies widely within its area. Some mountains are covered in snow at their peaks from one year to the next, whilst the bottoms of valleys tend to be milder and warm in summer. However, like most countries in western Europe, when you move to Switzerland you cannot expect continuous spells of clement weather. The weather is changeable and seasons are not reliable.

On moving to Switzerland you may feel like you have found the perfect extension to your skiing holidays! The stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps is enough to tempt any non-skier to get on the piste for the benefit of the views. Switzerland’s highest peak is Dufourspitze which stands tall at about fifteen thousand feet; certainly not one for the faint-hearted. Whether or not you have tried snow sports your move to Switzerland will certainly give you the opportunity to try not just skiing but snow-boarding and other adventure sports.



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