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London 2012 Olympic Organisers Release Infrastructure Hotspot Information

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London 2012 Olympic Organisers have released Infrastructure Hotspot Information where businesses, Londoners and visitors are being advised to avoid during the London 2012 Olympics Games.

The report – issued by Transport for London (TfL) estimates that 65 per cent of train stations are expected to see no additional waiting times, although the stations that will be affected will be those that are normally the busiest and so waiting time and congestion could be increased at these locations.

London Olympics 2012 Hot Spots of congestion
London Olympics 2012 Congestion Hotspots

The report highlights that around 70 per cent of the road network in Greater London will actually remain unaffected during the Olympic Games. However, the flip side of this is that some locations will be severely affected. These locations and times will change throughout the Games.

Heatmaps showing expected congestion levels at London 2012 are available on Transport for London’s website.

Transport for London has also launched a web tool giving journey times from key origin and destination points across the capital.

Dedicated Games Lanes/roads make up a third of the Olympic Route Network, which comprises a total of 109 miles of London roads. The lanes will only be accessible to athletes, officials, sponsors, media and emergency vehicles once they go live with this on 25th July, only 48 hours before the opening ceremony. By contrast, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games saw the lanes in place 19 days before the start of the Games.
With all 11 million spectators being asked to use public transport, walk or cycle to events, organisers are keen to avoid a repeat of the 1996 Atlanta Games, which was blemished by public transport problems.

An extra 3 million journeys are expected in London on the busiest days of the London 2012 Olympics, and organisers expect two-thirds of tube journeys to be busier than normal.

At Abels Moving Services we have started our planninig early and have a huge map of the London roads highlightling the no go and congested areas. Letters are being drafted to be sent to our Import customers to request their patience during the Games period as they would otherwise be expecting immediate deliveries of their consignments that have been heading to the UK from all corners of the world.

Where deliveries must be undertaken we will identify removal teams to work outside of normal hours which can enter these zones between 12 midnight and 6am.

This will clearly be a challenge to keep our customers happy and avoid heavy penalties for entering a restricted zone, however we feel that by planning early many potential problems can be identified and arrangements put in place.

Should you be planning your move to coincide in or around the dates of the London Olympic Games 2012 please call the Abels head office on 01842 816600 or email