Guidance and help


Storage guidance and help

Remember that a thorough inventory is the key to successful storage of your possessions – we will be pleased to assist you in this. We number every carton individually, together with the room it came from, so we can easily prepare items for return with minimal notice. (We will provide you with a receipt of goods received into store). (Movement or sorting of effects in our store will incur a handling charge.)

Consider using our professional packers – because of their skill they can often save you money by getting more possessions into a limited space. Because they will be using the correct packing materials and techniques there will be no risk to your belongings through bad packing.

To prevent leakage do not submit batteries for storage and remember to remove them from radios and other electrical goods.

Washing machines should be stabilised and this fact needs to be carefully recorded so that there are no problems when you take the item out of store.

Garden implements and vacuum cleaners should be thoroughly cleaned so they do not soil your other possessions. Outside items should be dried prior to collection.

Defrost refrigerators and freezers at least a week in advance so they dry out thoroughly with no risk of mould forming. If required for very short periods, fully-stocked freezers can be kept running in our warehouse (at customers risk).

Alcohol will need special arrangements – we will be happy to advise on storage of the contents of wine cellars.

Clothes will need moth balls – all our warehouses have effective vermin control. Special wardrobe cartons are available – talk to our representative.

We cannot accept gas bottles, aerosols, matches, firearms or explosives. Remember to removed the gas cylinders from soft-drinks machines and petrol from items such as barbeques, motor bikes or motor lawn mowers. Food, drink and other perishable items cannot be accepted.

High-value items need to be discussed with our surveyor at time of estimating and declared on your acceptance of quotation. It is not possible to accept jewellary, watches, trinkets, precious stones, money, bonds, deeds, securities and stamps – your bank will advise you on the best way to store these items.

Try to predict what short-term needs may be and avoid packing items such as passports.


Need to buy packing materials? Buy them online through Abels and have them delivered to your door the following day.