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Customs clearance changes for New Caledonia regarding vehicles and alcohol allowances

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New Caledonia sees amendments to Customs clearance, tax on alcohol and vehicles.

We have received the below advice from our local FIDI partner company in New Caledonia.

Please ensure that you no longer use the old documents relating to alcohol exports. Similarly, do not advise the customer that they exempt from paying taxes if they import less than 15 litres of alcohol, as this information is incorrect.

Customers with an air shipment to New Caledonia are allowed 2 litres of alcohol per person; for sea shipments, any alcohol that is imported will be taxed, regardless of the quantity of alcohol imported.

Furthermore, please be reminded that the conditions for tax exemption on all land vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters, trailers, etc) are as follows: the vehicle must belong to the customer who is moving for at least 18 months before the boarding date and date of residence transfer. The vehicle must also be less than 24 months old at the time of export.

Should those two conditions not be met, the customer will systematically be taxed and needs to be warned accordingly.

A further reminder is that taxation is dependent on the value of the vehicle, which is based on the local Blue Book: Local customs no longer accept values from websites such as La Centrale. Our local partners in New Caledonia must submit the local Blue Book value. The Metropolitan France Blue Book value will only be given in a force majeure case: two sites will then be used to obtain a quote.

All customers should be mindful of this change and take note of the link for the New Caledonian Blue Book. Customers must also be forewarned about the €44 payable to obtain the value certification recognised by local customs. Should the customer refuse to pay, they will be required to accept the quote given by our local partner in New Caledonia from the Blue Book magazine, without question.

Should customers be concerned or wish to receive further explanation on the above – please call your Customer Liaison or use the head office number to be put through on +44 (0) 1842 816600 or by emailing