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Congratulations to Joe Dods

Historically, Abels has always recognised and celebrated notable achievements by individuals within our organisation. This has continued to this day and is a key part of our commitment to developing team members during their career paths in our great industry.

Joe Dods Employee Recognition Abels

Today we celebrate the story of Joe Dods. Joe is a long-standing, key member of the Abels Senior Management team. Since joining the business in July 1999, Joe’s role has been varied. Initially, he supported our Accounts function but on quickly finding Joe had knowledge of IT and an eye for detail, this soon developed into his current position as IT & Quality Manager. Being a service-led organisation, managing the process and ongoing commitments to the accreditations and accolades we hold, plays a vital part in our continued success, whilst maintaining the highest standards. Joe consistently demonstrates the key attributes needed and we would all like to take this opportunity to acknowledge his achievements.

Well done Joe and thank you!

General Manager & Director, Neil Pertoldi, commented, “Joe is an integral part of the Abels back office team and certainly a huge part of what makes the business tick. His knowledge of our IT platforms is phenomenal and he’s been instrumental in seeing Abels through substantive audits that ensure we maintain the standards we set ourselves.”

Joe Dods, IT & Quality Manager said, “I cannot believe this has happened as there are many people I will put before myself for this recognition, I can only thank those for this nomination – thank you.

My role has changed vastly since 1999 compared to today’s role (wow 23 yrs ago how time flies), but this is the progression of life where adaptability is crucial in an evolving world that’s changing all the time – but it’s a team effort to assist our clients and my internal clients too.

That’s why I love my job as it’s a challenging and evolving role – who knows what will happen tomorrow?”