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Additional £2m Invested in Channel Ports Security

The Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has announced that there has been an investment of £2m on additional security at the Channel Ports.

Increased security at the ports has been implemented during a period where more people are trying to enter the UK undetected. The various conflicts in the Middle East and Africa have seen many people trying to reach the UK.

The investment at the Channel Posts has seen money used for Heart Beat Detectors, Carbon Dioxide Detectors along with additional Sniffer Dogs. This is in addition to current security processes and detection equipment.

Abels Moving Services always takes seriously the security of our customer’s possessions as they pass through the Channel Ports. It is well known that people trying to enter the UK often try to travel undetected on lorries by climbing onto them at locations such as Calais. This is why all opening compartments of Abels Removal Vehicles are secured with high strength Security Seals, which are checked and recorded regularly by our drivers. Our drivers are instructed never to stop close to Calais and to be vigilant at all times. All vehicles are fully alarmed and have security locks as standard.