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Abels 40 Year Long Service Award for Les Woods

Long Service Award


Joining the company at the age of 16. Les was soon on the Young Drivers Apprenticeship Scheme that ensured he received an in depth training to become an HGV driver as well as removal operative. His apprenticeship lasted until he reached the age of 21.

Les’ skill is best highlighted that he was on the company’s first “Royal Move” when only 22 years old. 1987 and off the road into stores to become storeman and 17 months later senior storeman as recognition of his abilities.

1991 and Les was voted by his colleagues their “Employee of the Year” and every year he receives further votes as the team recognise how important he is to achieving quality results.

To celebrate this occasion his fellow crew purchased the lawn mower of his dreams with excess cash to put with a collection made by the sales and office team. Appropriate congratulations cards explained how to understand the Norfolk dialect and showed Les handling an ancient Rickshaw. By comparison on his anniversary day he helped despatch to Cyprus by container a Bentley Continental GT V8S in glacier white.

The company gift is an item of his choosing to the value of £500 and an extra one week’s paid holiday. The company also recognises 15 and 25 years service, of which there are eighteen employees who have achieved these milestones.

Congratulations Les from all at Abels.