About us

Services that Abels Moving Services provide

The company operates in four key areas. These are:

  • The residential market covering removals within the UK, to/from Continental Europe
  • Residential relocations to/from anywhere in the world
  • Commercial relocations

Residential UK /Europe  We offer a range of services to our clients which will most closely match their needs:

A to B move
This is the most straight forward type of move that a client would require. Here they will be moving the contents of the home including their personal effects direct to a new home. The services we may offer to such a client could include:

  • Packing Services Full or Part
  • Skilled removal staff
  • Specialist vehicles
  • Specialist handling equipment
  • Modern packing materials
  • Cleaning services
  • Maid Service
  • Project Assistant
  • Gardening services
  • Parking arranged
  • Limo services
  • Restoration
  • Disposal of unwanted effects
  • Dismantling and reassemble of furniture
  • Carpet lifting cleaning and fitting services
  • Handyman Services
  • Storage

There are many variations within the above categories as every clients needs are different.

These may include:

  • Moving some effects to a temporary address
  • Moving some effects to an address of a relative
  • Disposal of some effects
  • Placing in Storage some or all effects
  • A mixture of all the above

Here is a more detailed look at the services we have listed.

Packing Services
We will look to offer clients our professional packing services. These will cover packing of all effects that would be packed or wrapped in cartons or Blankets/Bubble. The client can choose from a selection that would include items such as:

  • Fragile items including crystal, china, glass etc
  • Paintings, pictures
  • Clothes
  • Antique furniture, high value items
  • Contents of cupboards in general

Clients can elect to pack some, all or none of the effects and therefore have choices that will match their needs. We provide all the packing materials when contracted to pack effects and in cases where the clients elect to pack by themselves we will offer to sell the materials they will require.

Skilled removals staff
We undertake to provide staff that have been trained in our training school and that are focused on providing a high quality of service. Whether it is our youngest member of the Team or longest serving they are both keen to do the job to the best of their ability.

Specialist Vehicles
The vehicles we use are purpose built for the job. The interiors have been designed to ensure our client’s goods are placed in an environment that will protect them whilst in transit. The crew comfort has been developed and designed in partnership with our staff to ensure they are happy with the equipment they have to deliver our services with. A typical Removals Vehicle will cost almost £70,000.

Specialist Handling Equipment
Many of the tasks we are asked to perform require pieces of equipment that are expensive and only needed on occasion therefore we do not have these as part of our Capital Equipment. We therefore have a network of suppliers that we work very closely with to assist us in delivering the service our clients need. An example of this would be where we have to take a piano out of a window as the access will not allow us to get it out of the home any other way. Here we will arrange to have a crane or elevator with trained staff to complement our removal team and work together to successfully removing the piano from the home.

Cleaning Services
Many clients may not have the time to spend cleaning the home they are moving from or to We offer a range of cleaning services that would include:

  • Dry cleaning of soft furnishings and other items suitable for dry cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms
  • Carpet cleaning
  • General domestic cleaning

Maid Service
This Service provides a maid to assist the lady of the house in areas such as:

  • Light domestic cleaning & other related domestic duties
  • Preparation of Meals
  • Packing of personal items
  • Shopping
  • Walking the dog

Project Management and Personal Assistant Service
This provides the services of an expert Project Manager or Personal Assistant that removes a great deal of the pressures associated with relocation from the client. The service is there to provide the client with whatever they require within the scope of the move. An example would be on a complex move that involved interior designers etc we can use digital photography to catalogue the move for the client and assist in ensuring the flow of information and liaison between client designer and suppliers of products goes smoothly.

Gardening Services
These can be provided at the outgoing or incoming address and can cover anything from a trim for the lawns to full garden management.

Where there is a requirement to arrange parking for our vehicles or equipment we will take this burden away from the client and make the arrangements on their behalf.

Limousine Service
If a client is in need of transportation to their new home we can arrange this in luxury chauffeured vehicles

Restoration Of Furniture
As a company with many years in the industry we have built a network of quality restorers who specialise in restoration of furniture of fine objects. We can offer our clients this as another service that once again meets a specific need they may have.

Disposal of Customers Effects
Some clients on occasion take advantage of moving home and have a good sort out of the loft or garage or spare room. We operate a charity scheme with Big C which is Norfolk and Waveney’s own cancer charity. This allows clients to dispose of up to 10 cartons of effects to our nominated charity, free of charge unless otherwise agreed with Abels.

The volume of items being donated must be manageable by the resource allocated to your move and will not require additional capacity. Abels have the right to refuse items. More details are available from Abels on request.

In addition we can dispose of furniture or effects for a fee or even arrange to have them taken to auction.

Dismantle and reassemble
In this modern age there are many products in client’s homes that were originally in flat pack form when purchased. We can arrange to dismantle and reassemble these items.

Many clients take carpets with them and we can arrange to have them lifted and cleaned with a fitting service when ready to be installed in the new home.

This service includes trades such as

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Bricklayers
  • Gardeners
  • Decorators

A client may not have a new home ready to move to but circumstances are such that they need to get out of the current home. The client therefore can elect to come into our storage facilities for a period of time whilst they find a home to move to.

World wide relocations
International clients will require many of the services that a residential client may have. In addition to these they will require several more services that by the very nature of moving overseas are key to a successful relocation.

These services include:

  • Specialist Packing
  • Shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Information on Country regulations
  • Insurance
  • Air freight
  • Destination Services
  • Relocation Services

Specialist Packing
A client who may be relocating to the other side of the world and taking all or most of their possessions with them will require us to demonstrate just how we are going to ensure that the effects will survive the journey. For this type of relocation we use higher specification packing materials that ensure excellent protection for all the effects. All the effects are packed and protected regardless of what the item is and a detailed inventory of these is taken which includes the condition of the item.

Household effects are moved around the world on the high seas in steel containers much the same as the products we buy in the high street. We have arrangements with the shipping lines for the supply and movement of these containers that bring benefits of economy to our clients. As experts in this field we know which shipping lines ship goods to any part of the world and know exactly the transit times and regulations that are involved with the movement of these.

Dealing with the customs regulations of the various countries around the world is a job for the specialist and we have staff specifically trained to deal with all of our client’s requirements in this complex area. Ensuring everything goes according to plan on arrival at the Port of destination.

Information on Country regulations
Relocating to a different country brings with it new rules and regulations. We can assist in providing information on these.

Special arrangements to insure clients effects when in transit and on the high seas can be arranged.

Air Freight
When clients need effects overseas in a hurry we can arrange this with our air freight partners. The effects are packed in specially designed modules to aid handling and ensure protection.

Destination services
A client moving overseas is not going to have the same staff deliver their effects that would have packed them in the country of origin. It is important therefore that they have continuity of quality and contacts. We have partners worldwide who take over the role of service provider to our client at the destination. They will be a point of contact, information and service and ensure the promises we made are delivered.

Our relocation service consists of the provision of a one-stop shop for the corporate client.  Aimed at the HR professional who is looking to provide an internal customer with an attractive stress free relocation that ensures the company maintains both staff relations and productivity. A happy member of staff is important when moving thousands of miles.  A detailed analysis of each individual client’s needs is made to identify the services required within our relocation category.

Services we can provide within this category are:

Home search
We will search the geographic area that has been identified by the client for the house type they have specified. Once we have found this we will take digital photographs and email these to the client for their feedback and further instruction. If rental accommodation is required we can arrange this. We can even arrange to have the furniture rented placed in the house if the client is not bringing their own.

Life style search
As part of the process of understanding the clients needs we will identify the things they enjoy within their life. Things like:
Do they want to be near to sport facilities, theatres the countryside?
Do they need schools for the children, specialist teachers?
These are just some of the questions we would deal with in understanding what is important to our clients in relocating.

When the client arrives in the UK we will arrange to meet them and spend time with them introducing them to the area, its facilities and places of interest

Distribution and Home Delivery Solutions.

We look to offer client’s solutions to their specific logistics problems by working with them to compliment their excising operations. This can lead to the client handing over their total distribution needs to us. We aim to target high value products that require both technical expertise in handling and high levels of customer care.
Services we can offer within the distribution function are:

  • Project Management
  • Tailboard delivery
  • Installation and Assembly
  • Disposal of used product
  • Removal of debris
  • Consultant Services
  • Training
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Specialist Vehicle

Home Delivery
Clients who need home delivery services often relate the home delivery as a problem that should be resolve at the least possible cost. We see the home delivery as being an opportunity to give the client the complete experience of total customer satisfaction. We look to target the top end of the home Delivery market that has high value and that understands the needs to offer the client the professional Home Delivery experience.

  • Services we offer within this category are:
  • Delivery to problem access sites
  • One point of contact for the client
  • Vehicles equipped with Mobile phones
  • Delivery to the room of choice
  • Set up and assembly
  • Removal and disposal of old products
  • Disposal of debris
  • Flexibility of delivery days & times
  • Specialist Vehicles

Our Mission Statement
Abels International Moving Services aims to be the premier Moving Company in its chosen niche markets. It will achieve this through the provision of high quality services and excellence in customer care.