So you plan to move, but you will not be able to move into your new property immediately?  With Abels Moving Services this should not be a concern.  With modern dry, clean storage warehouses in key locations in the country they can ease this burden and take some of the stress out of the moving process.

If you get the sometime all to elusive house sale of your property, why risk losing that sale, just because you have not been able to locate the perfect property to move into, or the property you have located is not available currently.

Instead Abels Moving Services can offer you storage solutions for any period you should require.  Indeed you can come into storage with the intention of going out in a few weeks, find that you rather like touring the far east and keep your possessions stored with Abels for a few years.  All you need to be is safe in the knowledge that they will be cared for and in safe hands within one of Abels Moving Services Storage Facilities.

For your advice, if you are contemplating storage a brief guideline (based on average volumes) for you will be;

1 bedroom flat / apartment = normally 1-2 storage containers

2 bedroom flat / apartment = normally 2-3 storage containers

2 bedroom house                     = normally 3-4 storage containers

3 bedroom house                     = normally 5-6 storage containers

4 bedroom house                     = normally 7-8 storage containers

Now the above is a guide based on average house moves that we undertake.  If you are minimalistic, then the storage volume will of course be less.  If you are more of a collector / hoarder then extra storage volume is to be expected.  On the same lines would be the size and number of garages / out houses  that can store large volumes of chattels or garden furniture, which all adds to the overall volume – indeed it is amazing how volume can quickly amass.

Self storage facilities can be seen as a cheaper option, but this is just not normally the case.  It is often confusing as they talk to you in square feet (floor space) and yet all removal companies will talk in cubic feet (overall volume).

Square feet – basically times the floor space length x width say 8ft x 10ft = 80 square feet, then add the height of the room say 8ft x 80 square feet = 640 cubic feet.

640 cubic feet would be roughly a volume for a small 2 bedroom house.


Abels Moving Services will provide a collection service where the storage containers are pre-loaded onto the removal vehicle.  The removal team would load your possessions into the storage containers and this is where they would remain until you requested re-delivery or you came into store to sort through items / collect certain effects.  One easy benefit is that you can simply ask your Abels Move Coordinator to have a specific item(s) extracted from storage and then delivered to your home, you dont actually ever need to lift and carry items, Abels Moving Services will undertake that on your behalf – you have enough to do in the rest of your life.

Call Abels office on 01842 816600 to discuss storage solutions and your move.