Containerised and security-sealed storage

Abels Storage Warehouse, Containers hold personal effects to provide security and move effects efficiently. These containers fit onto Abels removal vehicles, where up to 9 can be transported on one large truck. Containers are fork lifted on and off the truck to reduce handling risk

There are many reasons why you may choose storage – perhaps you have inherited furniture that does not suit your current lifestyle, or you have sentimental items that are far too precious to ever throw away, or possibly you may be moving into a apartment abroad for a few years but know that eventually you will return to the UK.

Whatever the reason we have the service to suit your requirements. All our facilities are specially designed and based upon our sound experience. You may call in at any time to see for yourself how your possessions are being cared for – visit unannounced.  We recommend you visit competitors storage facilities; you will be amazed at the different standard within the removal industry and what some consider suitable storage.  Some companies will simply store your possessions on the dusty floor in nothing more than can be described as a barn.  These barns can often be damp, even wet, dusty and dirty which will easily travels through your soft funishings and cherished possessions.  Vermin (mice, moths etc) are not uncommon if best practice is ignored and pest control not maintained.  Others dont actually have storage warehousing at all and instead will hire a self store unit for your goods (if they go out of business recovery of your possessions many be harder than you expected).

Our containers are especially suited for longer-term storage. Your belongings are carefully inventoried (you will receive a list compiled by our removal team of what is housed in each storage container – this will make specific items retrieval easier should you want certain items out from storage at any time in the future prior to the rest of the items) and then loaded safely into an Abels storage container normally at your home (unless access does not allow for such a service) and then sealed – not to be opened again until you come in store to inspect the goods or you require their return. For the duration of their stay in our warehouse, the numbered containers are placed into position in neat rows ensuring maximum security with the minimum of handling.

Soft furnishings are well looked after. We have special areas for carpets which keeps them in a straight line roll (not bent) and no items are placed on top which would over time crease the carpet. Curtains can be placed into removal cartons, however if storing for any length of time we always recommend that they are wrapped and then we hang them in our curtain store, which ensures that creases are not permanently left in the fabric, as can occur if left in boxes for too long and not folded correctly.  We even make sure your lounge suite is kept in perfect shape by either using purpose-built racks or specially designed mini storage containers which ensures the sofa / armchairs remain on their feet, not stood on their arm which after only a short time will result in the arm bending, keep surfaces separated (otherwise the fabric of the sofa will crush) and the sofa covered to keep dust off.

All our clean, purpose built warehouses have 24 hour security monitoring systems and have stringent fire controls in place reinforced by a strict non-smoking policy.